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Vintage board sells for $31,000 on eBay

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Vintage board sells for $31,000 on eBay


Okay, I'm paying better attention at tag sales......

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I have 1981 board number #362 bought from jake out of his garage.
I'll start bidding at $20,000??
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Woah!! That's a lot of money!
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Looks like some crap you'd see at the Goodwill.  Dang.

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There are a couple of those things hanging on the wall in the bar at Gore Mountain.  I wonder if they will still be there opening day.



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I had a pair of Line prototype ski boards, but they were stolen.  Maybe they'll turn up on Ebay for big bucks.



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This one is all black. The other ones ive seen are natural wood. Jeff Rich has one hanging in his office in nyc but its not a prototype.
Interesting in that they didnt have ptex and they had that keel fin on the bottom. - No rails were being ridden!

Nice sweater!
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Wonder what I could get for my Snurfer?


I rode it the winter before last on closing day.  You have to go all the way to 7:10 mark for that footage.


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