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Brannock conversion

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I had my feet measured by a boot fitter and when I asked for those measurements he gave them to me in the Brannock sizes, when what I was looking for was the mm width.


Can anyone translate these for me and let me know what the width in MM ends up being for each foot length with a width of C.


Left 10 1/4 C

Right 9 3/4 C


Some boots he suggested were Atomic Hawk 120 in a 27.5  and the Lang RX 120 in 27.5  (prior to shell fitting).  I am not sure what the lasts are at those sizes, but the overall model says a last of 100. (forget what size that is usually given at).  I have done some amatuer foot measurements with a MM ruler and paper and keep coming up with a width around 96-97 MM so am curious to why the boot suggestions and just want to know what C is in those sizes.


Anyway, really just want to know what those numbers translate too.


Any help appreciated.



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It is hard to give you a correct answer, since each letter change----say from A to B the graph on the Brannock device would allow for some variance---each triangle is 5mm wide at the intersection where you measure.  If you measure width where the B ends and C begins the foot would be 90mm wide but where the C width ends and the D begins you would be at 95mm.  If you adjust to the 10 size heel to ball measurement, the width distance varies from 95mm up to 100mm.  Did that make any sense????:dunno


So if you have different size feet, you should size for the smaller size foot and have the wider foot, boot, stretched to fit.


You need a boot fitter.   Just curious---are you trying to figure out what to buy off of the internet?  If so, it is hard to get a good boot fitting over the internet!!!



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Hi, thanks, that was thoroughly confusing  ;-)   Just kidding, I do appreciate you trying to explain it to me.   I kind of figured the lettering system was a range, which is why I was very dismayed that he didn't have precise measurements.   Does the Brannock device not give a precise width measurment? 

No I am not trying to buy off the internet, I'm just trying to see if I wasted my $70 on a pedarthist/boot fitter. I was trying to get some knowledge going into the boot fitting process before I got to the shops.  Like Why boot X is a better fit for my feet than boot Y, etc. and to know the particulars of my feet so when bootfitter guy says I have wide feet or high feet, I know if he just saying stuff or actually evaluating my feet.


And then I guess I am bouncing his information (pedarthist) off of others here... As you may have guessed I don't like not knowing something and am also very cynical.


So far, here is what I know.


I have two feet

One foot is 1/2 size larger than other

Feet are C width at 9 3/4 and 10 1/4 legth

I have long thin calves (suggested longer and stiffer boot)

I have moderately tall foot and moderately high arches

My left knee flexes out slightly  when I bend (suggested slight wedge), but I think this is more a result of a recent knee injury that should heal.

My ankle range of motion is less in one foot than the other and outside of normal range


And the suggested boots to have a shell fitting done with.  Admittedly these are not the current year models at this point in the year.



1. Atomic Hawx 120 size 27.5

2. Lange RX 120 size 27.5

3. Nordica The Ace 2 Star size 27.5

4. Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130 size 27.5


Some of my concern was that all these are 100MM last boots. I was expecting smaller. The Pedarthist deal is to evaluate your feet and provide a list of suggested boots to start with, whether you buy them from him or go somewhere else (he does not stock boots but orders them). He expects that a shell fitting would also take place... This list is culled from a list of 17 that were produced from his computer program based on the information he plugs in.

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     I think a 27.5 in any of the boots listed on your post would be too large in most cases.  I don't have your feet here nor have you done a shell fit in any of them to know for sure, but you might fit in some 26.5s ----Salomon to mention one brand.  We recommend that you not exceed a 15mm shell check, and fit the pair of boots for the small foot and stretch/grind for the longer foot.  The idea of trying several manufacturers is that not all boots brands in a given size will have the same shape (called a "last shape"), you may find one that fits around your feet better just because the toe box isn;t pinched off as much as some other brand.  Keep in mind, you want to have as close a fit to the foot as comfortably possible with no sloppiness. 


Go by the shell check--- forget the size marked on the boot.



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His sizing and last reccomendations are right on. The Lange last is a bit wide for what they describe. I would suggest trying the RX in the LV (low volume).as it is wide for it's described width.
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firstly i have no idea why someone measuring for a ski boot would use a US scale brannock why not use mondopoint being as all boots are sized that way


secondly the mm width of your foot will not match to that of a boot directly, especially if you are not in the size which the boot is measured in  ie 98mm last in a size 26.5 is NOT 98mm wide in a size 27.5 etc


why not trust your fitter and work with him to get a boot, if you don't then go somewhere else and trust them, batting it around the internet ain't going to get you a boot that fits

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this is getting confusing and I'm not quite sure why, but the advice you are getting is good just a bit weird guys.   26 will probably work for both feet.  You are just at the end of the 26 range with the longer foot.  A 98mm boot fits C width great regardless of foot length but I agree with CEM in wondering why any ski shop would measure foot length in U.S. sizes when boots are typically made in Mondo, some few models are UK sizing but none are U.S.  and the conversion from U.S. to Mondo is wrong.  If they aren't then doing a proper shell fit they are certainly selling boots one size to big to all customers.


Finally I'll say if your feet are measure correctly for width then a C width regardless of length should fit properly in a 98mm boot.



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Closure,,,,, Saw boot fitter, tried on about 10 boots. ended up with Solomon xmax 120 in a 27.5. shell fit was approx. 15mm. Best fitting boot by far, tight but not hurting,held down heel perfectly... Lang and tecnica's hurt in Achilles area.... Solomon's 0 need at fitting to heat mold but shop suggests not doing so if fit is good and to wait until after I have skied them to see if larger foot needs the boot molded. spent 2 hours in the boot at far,,,in september,,,very happy.
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