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You wouldn't let me post this on the other thread, so I started a new one to say that you are a terrific guy, a wonderful host, and a friend to passionate skiers everywhere on the planet. I think you have something really special here and I hope it grows and prospers to everyone's enrichment and serve to strengthen the sport we love.
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Nolo, I agree wholeheartedly, now wipe that brown spot off you nose. That's better. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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The topic not being ME, but AC, I had hoped for some similar toasts to the host. That's me: I do not wish but hope springs eternal. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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After that "nolo schmoozing" I'm at a loss fer' words so a grin will have to do!
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This web site, and the associations that have come of it, are to be greatly admired - of course including, but certainly not limited to, the development of the 2003 EpicSk Academy and future EpicSki Academies. AC may feel modest about the praise he receives, but this is quite in order. Look at this! Speaking as Member # 45, I see that the site now has over 3700 members - and that doesn't even account for "guests" and lurkers.

How else on earth would I, a truly mediocre skier with no particular ties to the ski biz, ever have connected with the likes of Bob Barnes, Tom Burch, nolo, Vail Snopro, Todd Murchison . . . there are so many to name. And beyond that,I am known to be a fairly gregarious person - yet the number of true friends I have made, only because this web site was here, is not insignificant. You know who you are.

There are other web sites relating to skiing, but they do not in any way compare to EpicSki. Why? Because the format of this web site allows such revealing discussion of skiing, and even "non-skiing". Because our host, AC, is a disciplined and wise person who has let it grow, and pruned only as needed - he has cut off the poisonous, bilious trash that can sabotage a web site and has in fact sabotaged others.

As a result, the newbies, the average "duffers" like myself, the true experts, the workers in the vinyards of the ski industry, and the professionals who study and teach skiing, fitness, and matters related to them, all come here, and all communicate with each other at will. This is no small matter.

So joke or tease nolo, if you will, I'm sure she can sustain it if she chooses. The fact is that this site has given to most of us far more than we have given to it, and I don't have any compunction whatsoever for having said all this. I'm truly sorry, AC, if all this embarasses. EpicSki is a treasure, and I hope that all who benefit from it treat it as a special friend.

EDIT: Typo corrected

[ December 03, 2002, 08:05 PM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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AC is truly "the cat's pajama's".

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here, here Oboe. That's an appropriate mouthful. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Keep the big door open,
everyone will come around.
-D. Matthews

Thanks, AC
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Yes indeed--a toast to the host!

with some background music!

Cheers AC! You've created not just a web site, but a revolution that has only just begun! Thank you!!!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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And while you're all feeling so mushy about EpicSki, take a moment to "subscribe" by clicking on the "donations" feature above.
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Yay, Kneale. The bigger the party, the more it costs to host it.

What impresses me about AC is his sense of fair play. He's the compass. Integrity is a rare quality that deserves notice. Call it sucking up, if you must. I call it gratitude.

I tip my hat to AC. That's all.
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AC who?
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he's some bloke who doesn't post much.

I also doff my hat to him.

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On Kneale's note,
if you're buying holiday stuff off, remember to go to it through the shopping link from here and I think AC collects a little piece of your Christmas action.
Merry Christmas, AC and all.
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What nolo said and an additional thanks to dchan. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hear, hear! Our toast to dchan must be the finest wine in the house!
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3745 and counting! Could it be we'll see 4000 before the Academy? Let's hope!

My thanks to AC and dchan as well. To say more would be repetitive, so Thanks!
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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] to AC
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AC, thanks for letting me be here... ....Ott
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Yes indeed - thankyou for everything AC.

Just lurking tonight i've read over a few posts where you've had to put your foot down. I hope this is not stretching thin your work toward the community as a whole.

You shouldn't have to play dad at all, so i hope the people involved will have enough respect for yourself and others to stick to the rules, and play nicely.

On the other hand, i hope you can gain satisfaction in the thought that you have created this wealth of knowledge and community spirit that i call my forum..THE skiing forum.

I hope the season is looking to be fantastic.

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Thanks for everything. I've learned a lot and enjoyed the discussions thouroghly.
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