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Down Skis

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Anyone have any experience with Down Skis?

I am considering some wider freeride / touring skis and the company seem interesting.



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I heard they are light as a feather....:duck:

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We've been testing the Down CD6 for two seasons now....very impressive light-feeling of the first skis to grab in our quiver when the snow is fresh.  Very fun, nicely built and versatile design from some guys who really care about their customers and making them grin with their ski designs.  Consistently sell-out each season since they started business!


CD6 Review:


Contact them to see about getting a demo ride:

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I actually did search for reviews here, but I think the name (Down) is not the best search term :-)


The Pre-sale started a few days ago and I am sorely tempted to order the Countdown 110...



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