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Silver Mountain in 1989

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Fun video a local news station reposted of preparations to open Silver Mountain in 1989: http://www.khq.com/clip/10352644/throwback-thursday-sliver-mountain-ski-resort-in-1989


Notice the foothills have no trees (smelters killed them all). Build out potential to 32,000 acres?! High hopes?

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That was fun to relive.  Was living in Cd'A at that time, Hagoadone did an amazing job of marketing the place (like he did everything he got involved in: The Resort, golf course, the Shops, cruise boat fleet, Christmas lights) when he had control.  


He did some pretty classy things like free hot wax at the upper gondi terminal. Brought in a whole bus load of ski writers, wined them and dined them at the hotel and had them cat skiing before the lifts were turning. At that moment everybody in the area felt like Silver Mountain was going to be a competitor for the winter tourist business; it just didn't happen.

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