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Best of EpicSki

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One thing I've noticed about the EpicSki crowd, and no doubt you have too, is the imagination some of the members have displayed in their usernames. In the spirit of Fox's first anniversary of blessing all of us with his wit and wisdom, I'd like to open the floor to nominations for certain awards that might be given to commemorate conspicuous dubious achievements.

First category: Usernames. Nominations closed: depends on the quality of submissions as judged by a Gang of Three (TBA).

The winner of Best Username will receive an inflatable friend, compliments of Acme [edit] Adult Toys.

I nominate Where's the fox hat, irul&ublo, and kskski.

[ November 27, 2002, 01:41 PM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Altaholic ruls.

(Hmm. I've since been informed that this is both a t-shirt AND bumpersticker. Hmmmm.)

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Before Fox can collect his booty, he has to narrate the WHOLE Fox Hat joke! No matter how dated. No matter how corny! :
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hear, hear yuki!!! I for one don't know WTHF is all about. It's not like we're asking Zorro to step into the spotlight are we? Lord help us if we center all our attention on him knowing how uncomfortable that makes him....
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Me me me me me me me.

Fact 1. I saw a thread entitled "Best of Epic Ski".
Fact 2. It was started by Nolo.
Fact 3. It wasn't in the Instruction area.

Conclusion: It had to be about me.

I shall explain it at the gatehring in Utah. (it works best when you hear it with an Irish accent)

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Are there no more nominations?

I'd like to add another username: Weems. Is that a great handle or what?

Anyone have a clue what it means?

(Fox is Fuchs in German, eh? Fox is fuchsartig. Chew on that!)
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I thought that was his real name!

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Yeah, what kind of deal is that picking on Weems for using the name he's always used?

You DID mean to PICK on the Foxxy one didn't you, Nolo?
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PM for Nolo.
PM for Nolo.

If there is a "Nolo" in the building would she please read the Private Message sent to her recently by yours truly.

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Okay Fox, I checked my mail.

[Yuki, your mailbox is full so I could not reply. Kskski: I read as French Qu'est-ce que SKI (anyone? anyone?). AV8RX: aviatrix, female pilot.]

[ November 28, 2002, 04:01 PM: Message edited by: nolo ]
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Weems is his real name? I thought it was a stage name like Sting or Bono.

Are you sure? He was on the freestyle circuit for a while, you know. I think he invented the weems turn about a week after Wayne Wong wowed 'em with the worm turn. The worm turn, close cousin to the "gator" (a sexually suggestive mime dance born in Detroit), involved a full lateral body roll on the snow. The weems turn was a handspring in full layout position neatly landed onto your skis.

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When I saw him on Skiers World, they called him Weems Westfield.
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Westfield? That should bring him out of hiding.
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Whatever,. . . check the name used on his behalf on the EpicSki Academy printable brochure.
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A pro by any other name skis just as lovely1 If you ever see that he's on the OLN schedule, watch him. Better yet, see him up close and personal at the Academy. This is what skiing is supposed to be about!
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Okay guys, Fox and I have decided: this year we institute the EpicSki "Academy Awards." Please play along, whether you plan to be at this year's academy or are wait'n'seeing about the next one. Be part of a tradition in the making.

First, we need to give our statuette a nickname, ala Oscar, Emmy, etc.

How about the OTT? (The statuette will be wedeln, of course.)

How about award categories?

We've got best username. Is that a keeper or are we, as a group, too unimaginative to put up any more competition than we've identified so far?

What other categories seem, ahem, august enough for our dubious honor?
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The SCSA could potentially be the "virgin award" - the best person at keeping their legs together :

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SCSA Award: the most tempestuous drama queen
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NO, no, the SCSA is the thread that's 99% better than all threads! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Even at the best of times, he was never more than 97% better!

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"The Cerebral" = Most consistent use of "where’s the dictionary" words in a post.

"The East Coaster" = Most "always right" poster

"The Hit" = Best "to the point" poster

"The Baffle" = Best "Um Huh whats it mean" poster

"The Derail" = Best "cop this" poster (must be relevant to the thread)

The "Ski" = The most mentions of a particular ski type

The "Kirk" = The best "when I read that does it mean I might be wrong" poster

The "Electric Koolaid" = the best "those where the days" poster

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The "SCSA" = Um we gotta have a SCSA award ... not sure what the criteria would be though ....

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Women are not allowed to win the SCSA award. EVER. :

Don't forget The Ryan!

I want an award that I can have a shot at. "Most Disheveled Skier by 4PM".

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If nominations are still being accepted:

"The Cerebral" = Most consistent use of "where’s the dictionary" words in a post.

..... Nolo - The words aren't all that long, but her thought is deep & sincere.

The "Ski" = The most mentions of a particular ski type
..... Oboe - for his unflagging support of the Rossi XX (this year), the Rossi T-power Viper S (last year), the Mod 7/8 (the year before last), etc.

The "Electric Koolaid" = the best "those were the days" poster
..... Ott - This category should be closed since there is no possible competition to his "Sigi" stories.

"The Baffle" = Best "Um Huh whats it mean" poster.
..... Um, I think I better just avoid this category.

And finally, may I propose the three more categories and simultaneously nominate individuals to them:

The "Golden (balance) Ball Award" = For the best general sports and fitness posts
..... Lisa - Again, like Ott, little competition here.

The "Golden Foot Award" = For the most detailed descriptions of the biomechanics of the lower torso.
..... DavidM - One of our newer, but most prolific contributors

The "Ski Education & Communication Achievement Award" = For the most diligent and industrious attempts by an industry pro to educate the great unwashed masses on EpicSki.
..... BobBarnes - May you always ski the slow line fast, Bob!

Tom / PM

[ November 29, 2002, 08:12 PM: Message edited by: PhysicsMan ]
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On-line Lothario Award: Fox, Bad Rat, AltaSkier, and milesb.

Sweethearts of EpicSki: LisaMarie, Bonni, and Kima.

Dale Carnegie Charm Award: Gonzo, SCSA, and Mr. Pound Key.
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How about a "Best Signature Tag Line"-- and Bad Rat, definitely in the running for the Lothario, is DQ'ed because he changes his too much--same may go for Lisamarie. I've liked her tags, but she keeps changing them, too.
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