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From the ski weights database thread.



OK.  Seems like most of us can agree to agree.  Lightweight skis are desirable for skinning uphill.   My knees would certainly notice the weight of my Super Gs or my Volants, if I could afford to go out and buy some AT gear.  Heavy skis are desirable for DH-type skiing.  There is no way I would prefer to ski any of those light touring skis at high speed.


Thanks for providing the information.  It's too bad the manufacturer's don't list more data in their marketing material.


We have a website here, a spreadsheet there, a thread here and another thread there.   We need one all-encompassing spreadsheet that can be shared, as in update-able by all members, so new data can be added to it.


BTW, the AT and touring market may be a tiny piece of the pie, but it's still there.

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Google groups has the ability to share spreadsheets where other members can make changes.  We do have that document available from way back here..  But that one is a read only, not really "shared" for editing adding to..


PhysicsMan's ski sidecut radius calculator

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@TheRusty did you accidentally move this? Your post seems like a reply to someone else, yet its the OP in a thread in the Tech Support section...

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In the other thread we started talking about the idea of making a database here with this info of the weights and making it searchable and editable. I flagged the post as a site suggestion that we adapt the existing gear database to have weights and that searching for weights as a feature be possible. I think Rusty moved the suggestion here so we could flesh it out.
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