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I am pleased to announce that several new pieces have been added to the "Premium Article Collection", EpicSki's feature area for exceptional essays from leading industry pros. The collection is located in the Supporter Area.

Four new articles have been added, authored by Joan Rosted and the collaboration of Weems Westfeldt & Squatty Schuler. These include both thoughtful essays on Ski Instruction (topics such as "Visualization" and "Motion Analysis of Four Typical Skier Types"), and insightful observations on the skier's life. They are not to be missed.

The new articles are highlighted on the top of the Premium Article Collection (click here)

These new pieces build on the previous informative and entertaining articles by Todd Murchison, Ott Gangl, and Lisa Mercer.

Coming Soon: An excerpt from Eric Deslauries' new ski book.


The Supporter area is a special feature on EpicSki for those who make an annual donation of $20 a year or more. Supporter privileges include:

  • Supporter Lounge - No topic restrictions in this private forum, get to know your fellow Bears in a broader context.</font></font>
  • Premium Article Collection</font> - A high quality, formatted, and conveniently organized collection of ski-related articles and photos from professional ski writers and ski industry experts. This is an informative and entertaining resource featuring ski instruction, travel insights, ski-life stories, offbeat and inspirational observations, fitness advice, and humor.</font></font>
  • &quot;EpicSKi Supporter&quot; Title</font> under you name in the forum. </font></font>
More info on becoming an EpicSki Supporter is on the Donations Page (click here)