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Euro Gathering TR - February 8-15 [2014]

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So, I've finally decided to write up the TR for our Euro gathering from February. I'll see if I can get Altanaut to add more of her photos later.


Day 1: I was on my own on the first day since the others were arriving that evening. There was a bit of new snow the day before, which was definitely welcomed as it had been a low snow year to that point.


(View from my room the first morning)


I did my usual first day in St. Anton routine by going to the Rendl area straight away before everyone else in the resort figured out it was there. After lunch, I did a circuit around the front side to get a feel for the conditions on the various faces. I was able to find some nice spots on the ungroomed ski routes and easy-access off-piste areas, but I did encounter a few snow sharks as I pushed the boundaries. So, I ended up taking a few hard tumbles. Still a decent day.


Day 2: A touch of new snow, but the wind was wreaking havoc.


(left to right: me, John (Mr. Altanaut), and Asher)


I tried to take the group around Rendl, but the visibility was bad and the wind was forming slabs with the snow. The resort actually had to shut down the Rendl lifts at lunch time because of the wind, which was just as well for us since we'd decided to move on. We ended up finding some decent spots on the front side of St. Anton that were sheltered. Just a mediocre day in the end.


Day 3: Several inches of fresh snow and luckily no wind. Visibility was a bit patchy in the morning, but we lucked out and mostly hit the bad patches when we were on the lifts or just commuting on the groomers. Our original plan was to ski over to Lech, but we only made it to Zurs since we kept stopping for reruns on the good snow we were finding. All in all, it was a great day of skiing.


(John and I about to head towards St. Christoph)


(More good snow found)


(Starting our traverse in Zurs)


(View from the piste after our run)


(First run on the way back home from Zurs)


Day 4: More snow was forecasted, so we booked a guide the day before. More snow did indeed fall, but the clouds stuck around into the morning. We met our guide (Pepi) at the top of the Galzig, and he decided to take a gamble and take us straight to the top of the Valluga. The hope was that the clouds would clear by the time we got to the top, but that didn't pan out. So, we skied the Valluga in very low visibility. That said, the snow was great, so I enjoyed it.


(Asher next to the Valluga II lift, aka Dr. Who's phone box)


The clouds cleared out by the time we finished the Valluga run, so we headed over to Stuben to ski the Albona the rest of the day. Hardly anyone else was over there, so we were finding great spots all afternoon. All in all, a pretty good day.


(Traverse on the Albona)


(Our guide)

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Day 5: More wind.


Altanaut came down with a cold, so it was just the boys on Day 5. The wind blew away most of the new snow from the day before, so conditions weren't that great. We decided to make our way over to Lech, sticking mostly to the groomers. We did find a few decent spots here and there, but it was mostly a sight-seeing tour of the rest of the area. But, we did stumble on a nice restaurant in Oberlech, which we gave the award for the schnitzel of the week.


Day 6: More fresh snow, and thankfully little wind.


Altanaut joined us for the first half of the day. We headed over to the Rendl area to ski the bits we missed on day 2. Conditions weren't great everywhere, but the spots that were sheltered from the previous day's wind offered some nice runs that kept us entertained until lunch. After lunch, we skied the back side of Stuben for the rest of the day. Some clouds had rolled in and lowered the visibility, but the conditions were still nice and we got in several good runs, including a chute that ended up being much steeper than it appeared from the various angles we scoped it out from. All in all, a good day to finish off the week.


(View of Zurs from Stuben)


(Parting view from the train station)

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Random photos from the week. I inadvertently caught a yard sale in action while taking photos on the main piste to Stuben. Look just to the right of the man in black


(Tasting the snow)



(Finally came to a stop)

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