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The focus and rules have not really changed from my standpoint. I can't speak for AC specifically but he has not asked me to change anything in the way we "moderate" the forums. The rules are pretty simple.

No hateful or personal attacks, respect copy righted material, try to keep to the topic (post in proper forums), and no porn or illegal material.

I have moved several posts in the past few weeks and deleted duplicate posts from time to time, and edited subject lines to make them easier to navagate but I have not deleted anything recently. I will from time to time edit out some "offensive" lines but we try not to be too heavy handed.

A Moderate moderator. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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There has been NO change whatsoever in the editorial policy in the last few month, though there has been a more active enforcement of the existing policy.

This has been done in response to the many comments I have received via PM and seen in the forum mentioning that the forum was becoming scattered and less organized and harder for people to find what they are looking for because of a high degree of irrelevant noise. Therefore, off-topic posts and spam are meeting a faster demise than they were over the lax days in the summer.

Nobody receives as much feedback as I regarding what members want in this forum -- I'm sort of an informational hub. The editorial policy is based on the consensus of what I hear. Therefore, it does change over time, but slowly and gradually.

I am always willing to explain why things happen and I ALWAYS listen to people's concerns.

The policy is basically:

Terms & Conditions (click)
Plus no thread hijacking and post in the forum appropriate for the topic.
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