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Völkl Bridge or Atomic Theory

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Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on my next pair of skis. 
I have narrowed my search down to the Völkl Bridge (171 or 179 - not sure) and the Atomic Theory. Problem is, I think I would need 177cm for the Theory, but the only deal I can find (Im in Europe) is for 168cm. 
I am 5'10" 160 pounds and an intermediate-advanced skier - is 168cm going to be too short? Ive heard the theories ski a bit shorter due to the rocker. In general, I tend to err on the shorter side - my last skis were rossignol scratch ghetto 167 (I wanted to learn park, but it didnt work out!!) and the length was ok, but I was thinking about maybe skiing something a little longer. I spend my time now about 60% on piste and 40% off-piste. 
So, can anyone give me advice on whether 168cm would be ok for this ski? And would 171 or 179 be better for the Völkl Bridge, bearing in mind i also tend to prefer a shorter turning radius?. 
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I've got a 3 year old pair of the Bridges.  I don't think anything has changed but the graphics since then.  I am about your height and weight, likely older than you and a ski instructor.  I teach and ski in the east in New Hampshire.  Don't know where you ski.   I am comfortable on the 171's and have not found them lacking at that size.  I had also considered the 177's. 


They ski broken snow well and are a very friendly ski in the bumps.  They are fat enough that they are quite enjoyable in the powder.  They will hold well on ice, but you have to know how to stand on them.  It's not as strong an eastern frontside carver as skis dedicated to that task are, but it is a playful, versatile, and enjoyable ski.


I have not skied the Theory, so I cannot offer a comparison.

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Found 1 Atomic Theory 177 deal for you in a German web shop: http://oxliveshop.biker-boarder.de/en/Ski-278/Ski-279/Ski-181/Atomic-Theory-2014-black-white-Ski-177-cm.html


Why a twin-tip, if I may ask? For riding switch and doing tricks?


If not, there are some great allmountain skis to be found (and very sweet deals as well). How about (for example) 2013 Nordica Steadfast + N Evo binding (all new) for just € 250? https://www.muskelkatersport.de/de/nordica-steadfast-evo-n-sport-evo-11-12-allmountain-ski-set-0a2070

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