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Custom insoles

Poll Results: Custom insoles/foot beds, worth the money?

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I've been weighing up whether to splash out on custom insoles for next season but not sure if it worth the money. I suffer from pain on the ball of my little toe and have tried most things to fix it. Last season I was recommended an insole with a high instep which helped a little bit.
Has anybody had any success stories with custom insoles/foot beds and are they worth the money?

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There are several arches in a human foot---one of them is along the small toe side of the foot---the fifth metatarsal (lateral arch).  If you have high arches you may need support along this arch to spread the load out so that the met head doesn't have to bare all the load on that side.  "All" (so far as I am aware) of the over the counter insoles have a flat plane from heel center to fifth met head (no support of the arch) and typically will not spread the load for you.


High arch feet are the hardest to satisfy (comfortwise) so you will need to find a good technician (master boot fitter or Cped)  familiar with your issues.


good luck



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Thanks for your reply mike
I think finding a good boot fitter is part of the reason why I'm hesitant about paying for custom insoles. It seems everywhere I go people give me different advice!
What your saying deffinately rings true , I don't think I've ever had an insole which gives any support under that side of my foot.
I'll look into it!
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There is a list of qualified boot fitters around the country at the top of this section titled "Who's Who in ask the boot guy's" plus you could look up some one near you at "America's Best Bootfitters" website.


good luck.



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I just realized you are in Europe---try the folks listed below:


If you are over in the UK you could stop in to see Colin Martin



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the other thing you need to consider is the amount of flexion available at your ankle joint, typicaqlly a high arched cavus foot is associated with tight musculature (not always but a lot of the time) if there is a limited amount of flexion at your ankle then you need to have this addressed too, a more upright boot,a heel lift maybe but have it checked before just getting a custom insole, sure the insole will help, for all the reasons mike has mentioned but all parts of the chain need to be considered

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