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I got my first turns for the season back in April (!), and New Zealand got a couple of nice early storms, making all the Aussies jealous back around the end of May. Clearly that pissed off someone important because June in NZ was unseasonably warm (absurdly warm, like barely early Autumn kind of stuff) while Australia got hit by a very solid frontal system about a week or so a go that absolutely dumped on them before petering out without crossing the Tasman. I hear and Thredbo and Perisher are doing well, and are getting decent snow out of the current storm cycle as well. What fields have been open over in NZ have been barely open, and others have delayed opening. I have zero days on my Treble Cone season pass so far 'cause they're still shut (for anyone who knows the field, until yesterday they were only at threshold starting around the top of the six.)

As of the last 24 hours most Kiwi fields have received 15-20cm (6-8") and temps finally dropped low enough for long enough to get some snowmaking in. We might finally get our season started for real, with more snow today and the next few days looking good as well. Hopefully July is cold enough for a decent base to form.

If you were planning a trip down here, I really hope you didn't plan it for late June, and frankly early July looks like early to mid June of the average year.

TLDR; Southern Hemisphere winters are unpredictable and we finally have a little snow in the right place at the right time in New Zealand.