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This is my 9th summer of bike commuting in Wash DC.  Tonight I took the scenic way home and snapped some of our more iconic buildings/sights.


Capitol Building about 6pm on 6/27/14.  My guess is flag was at half mast for Senator Howard Baker:


Supreme Court building.  Pretty girl is riding a red bike share rental.  These bikes are all over town and very popular these days, cheap too:


View of the Washington Mall from the Capitol steps.  They are already making preparations for the 4th of July concert/celebration.


This one is for our Canadian friends, the Canadian Embassy.  Memorable, but very bittersweet memory of a 2006 visit there:


These tourists look like they are practically playing in the first family's back yard:


There are a lot of military monuments around town, but the Iwo Jima Memorial is top in class.  Great views of town too.  This young USMC recruit from a bus load of trainees was the last to get his photo taken.  Inscription on Memorial says, "Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue".


60 year old local tries to take selfie in public without looking too vain and dorky while surrounded by tourists.  Fail.   ;)