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Returning the favour .......

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This site is very much give and take but many Instructors, boot fitters, shop techs, fitness & rehab professionals etc all give very valuable advice here. Is there a way we can return the favour?

Perhaps we can -

1. Take a lesson with that instructor or send a tip in someway - via Epic?
2. Make a donation on their behalf to Epicski or a specific charity.
3. Contribute to Epicski membership costs for them.
4. Advertise (by word of mouth) the instructor/ski school or shop.


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A very good topic.
I have considered returning the favour to a couple of the main female professionals on here, but I reckon if I ever set foot in the People's Republic of Brookline, I would probably be hunted down by one man and his dogs.

...but seriously...
I considered this a while back, and that was my prompting for the thread about instructors in Whistler. I didn't want a recommendation, I wanted someone I knew from here, someone who was a help to me, and others.

Or maybe some of them are happy to help us without having to meet us? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I try very hard to 'pay back' those who are helpful.

I attempt to send business their way whenever possible.

Including trying to get fellow chair riders to have lessons with my instructors.

I have been known to send my rollerblade instructor chasing bike riders who have gone past muttering 'I wish I could do that' so that I can espouse the benefits of lessons.

Have just had a note from a ski-instructor friend from another forum to say he has unexpectedly received an offer to be the Stockli guy at his resort. [img]smile.gif[/img] Word travels it seems!

Hence my suggestions for Fox at Whistler - those I haven't skied with from that list are people that were always helpful while I have been learning to ski. Their LOVE for their sport shines through their actions.

Sometimes the benefits are VERY indirect mind you.
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While I appreciate the thought, I personally have lived with this thought,

"Don't repay kindness, pass it on"

So when I help someone out, I don't expect compensation or payback. If it comes that's ok but if it gets passed on to someone else even better.

Of course that doesn't pay the bills so one has to separate "paid work" from "random acts of kindness"
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Keep in mind, there is a give and take. Speaking for myself personally, I am totally fascinated by the "whys" of certain types of movements. My students are not always as fascinated as I am, and even for those who are, there's a limit to how much you can talk and still keep a good workout happening. Also, when I decided to take an advanced sportsmedicne certification, it was much more pleasant to discuss ideas on this forum, as opposed to memorizing terminology in books. This also helped bring the material to life, which in turn, enhanced my understanding of the subject matter.

As far as returning the favor goes, if you are going to a resort where one of our coaches teach, take a lesson. If you like the lesson, which you probably will, tell us about it, and don't be afraid to refer to the lesson quite often, provided that its relevant to the topic.

Of course, attending the Academy would be the ULTIMATE return of the favour.

Some of us have links to our personal websites. In my case, the tiny commission that I get from the affiliate sites on my page that sell the "balance toys" goes towards my education, which in turn i give back to you folks!

thanks for the thought

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If the odd stray beer appeared in front of me at the Academy, I'd probably try to drink it before WTFH could get his paws on it....

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That, sir, sounds like a challenge...

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