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To All You Lurkers Out There...

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I tried to find LM's previous thread about lurkers, but it's gone.

Lately there have been a huge number of "guests" checking in on the site. Why not register and make yourselves known?

All are welcome here, and we'd enjoy getting to know you! We strongly encourage you to actively participate, or not as you wish. You will find a most passionate group of skiers, willing to assist, poke fun, or just about anything else having to do with skiing.

With the season nearly upon us, this site might become a fantastic resource in helping you progress as a skier, help you with info re: your next trip, or help you find the best deal on new skis!

The only thing we ask is that you adhere to the protocols established in LM's thread about "Participating in the Forums".

Other than that- the site is for you to use-. Enjoy!

By the way- don't forget to check in to the EpicSki Academy Planning Room. There you will find info on a most fantastic event being planned for January in Utah.

Hope to meet you here.....
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Some of us have chosen the "hide from recently in forum" option in our profile. Not every guest is a lurker...or they're a lurking registered member or something like that.
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90% of the listed "guests" are true unregistered guests.

I also encourage lurkers to register, introduce yourselves, and join the discussions!
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I chose "hide from" and sometimes I am in a forum with 0 guests, so I figure I don't show as a guest. Is that right, AC?
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A few former lurkers are actually signed up for the Academy. Come talk with us! Between now and January this can give the coaches some of idea of what YOUR specific interests. And if you have any specific ideas about what you would like to see happen at the Academy, the organizing commitee would love to hear it. This is what makes this event unique!

Even for those of you who are not attending, please do not be afraid to ask questions about technique. This also goes for absolute beginners. The only "stupid" question is the one that never gets asked! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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To answer your question, you show to the rest of the world as a guest. I think your computer shows you as "you" and skips counting you as a guest.

I played with it for a while when AC first put up the feature so I could answer a few questions for myself an as I was learning how to "track" members as a moderator. (check your PM)

No I'm not "tracking" members and I'm sure AC is not either but I had to understand the system to help out when there were problems or connection issues.
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Over 3500 and growing strong!! Congrats to AC for putting up what is undoubtedly THE premiere skiing site/forum!

And it seems as if more and more skiers are finding out about it everyday!!!

WELCOME , everybody!!!

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