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Annoying chatroom popup

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That chat room invitation pop up is annoying me again. Every new screen I look at, it comes up. It's slowing down an already slow session, i only need to see it once. How do I get rid of it? How do I stop it popping up every time I go to a new screen????
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How about changing your signature to:
"I like email, but please don't invite me to the chatroom"

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Good idea! damn thing, I had to log out and read as a lurker to get rid of it. Even then, it kept popping up for several screens.
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Look at the last thread you started on this, there I explained how to turn it "of" for you. Basically you go in the chat room and click on "send an invite" and near the top is a disable button. More specific directions for disabling are in the last thread you started on this topic.

And those who send invites, only send ONE -- that is enough and if they don't show up it it NOT becasue they did not receive the invite.
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I think it is popping up all the time because you need to OK it to make it go away.
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And as I said in the last thread on this, in order to get into the chat room, I have to download some stuff that I don't want to download! This is a very old, very small computer. So I can't get in there to turn it off.
And you have to click "ok" just to get rid of teh popup. Then as soon as you go to another screen, the popup comes up again.
It's not a good application.
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Not for me - 1 ok ditches it....
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I didn't download anything to get there???? :
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You do not have to download anything , just say "no" to the download, then at the top of the page click on the link that says "Send an Invitation", then check "disable" at the top of the list, then at the bottom of the page hit the "invite now" button to submit your disable. It will say that your invite was sent, but that just means what you entered ("disable") was submitted. You will not appear on th list for others to invite even when you are in the forum.
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OK, thanks, I managed to do that (although it was dead keen to make me download some stuff), hopefully it works. I wanted to murder that popup.
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