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best powder skis?

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I'm thinking about buying a new pair of skis for next season. I'm five seven, and an advanced skier. Currently I ski on a pair of 172 Line Sir Francis Bacon
skis and I am looking for a similar ski?
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Sam, you're back. Could you tell us what you don't find right about your SFB's? And what you do like? Finally, you might do a search under gear review forum for reviews of fatter skis. For a lighter skier, which I assume you are, there are a number of excellent choices, but it depends on how you want to use them. For instance, do you want a twin design or a directional (non-twin) tail? Do you like to ski fast or do tricks and take air? How much of the time do you spend on groomers and in parks, vs. off-piste? Off the top of my head, the SFB is a great choice already. The new Line Supernatural line may provide a bit more stability and versatility at speed. Blizzard and Nordica make some great all around twins, such as the Peacemaker and the Soul Rider and Patron. Rossignol's Soul 7 is a superb all around directional fat ski for lighter skiers. Praxis makes some great twins like the MVP and if you catch a spring summer sale, nice prices. 

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What hills do you ski in Alberta and BC to give an idea of how much powder focus. Also what is your budget?

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I aactually really enjoy my SFBs and think they are a great quality and am looking for another ski just because I'm a gear hoarder! I like the twin tip design, and I probably spend about 70 percent of the time off piste, yet I still like a ski that can really carve on a groomer if possible! I mostly ski at sunshine, but if I get the chance I like to hit up fernie, kicking horse and revelstoke!
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Just picked up some Vagabonds here.  Patrons are good option too, both killer price.

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Sam's a she, I believe. So, the Wildfire or La Nina.
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Liking SFBs tells me you like a playful, powder oriented ski with lots of rocker and, as you said, twin tips. You also like Lines and are female (not that that matters in ski choice). A quick search tells me Straightline in Fernie has the Line Pandora on sale in the 172 for $450. Based on the Line website info, the Pandora is a more freeride, less jibby/spinny/backcountry freestyle ski than the SFB. The Pandora has more tip rocker, less tail rocker and a less centered/more conventional mounting point than the SFB meaning it's more directional and stable but still very easy to turn.  . The numbers tell me they might be an excellent compliment to your SFBs but you might want to also ask about the Armada JJ and VJJ. I have seen some of the freeride comp ladies on the VJJ . They carry a number of other manufacturers of the kind of skis you like such as 4Frnt and DPS  which I know nothing about.


Another more bargain alternative  with just a little more 'muscle' might be the 2013 Atomic Blog in 177 or 169 for $450 with bindings and free shipping out of Ontario although the binding's DIN may be too high for you.


Hope that helps

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