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Happy Father's Day 2014

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Happy Father's Day 2014 to all EpicSki Dads!


Inspired by Naybreak's A-Basin thread from this weekend, who has photos with skiing Dad's and kids that they want to post for Father's Day?


Since I've posted quite a few on EpicSki over the years with my son, I'll kick this off instead with a photo of one of my three skiing daughters:

From Kirkwood, CA, Jan 2013:

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I think I have a few from years past. Have to look later though, since I am off to enjoy the sun. Kayak or windsurf?
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Here's one from earlier today watching the kids play in the waves at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina Outer Banks.


It was a great weekend!


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My skiing buddies.







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Dad at Paradise on Mount Rainier 1957 or so.  Where we all started skiing

He was never a really good skier, but he was a really fine man,

Miss you every day Dad.

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Me with my girls age 6 and 2 at Mammoth March 2014. Watching them ski is the best

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