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First time on skis: Winter of 1999. It was sort of a blind date . . . during which I borrowed the boys' mothers' ski clothes (she was about five inches shorter than I was). I hurled myself down the hill after my friends and blind date (all who could ski . . . well, to my never-ever eyes) and ended up getting a stern warning from ski patrol . . .


First time driving stick: Day after Thanksgiving 1990 on a landing strip in the Sonoran Desert - in a 1948 Willys with a "Go Devil" engine. I was 10.

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In my dad's pickup truck...

in the parking lot....

at Bolton Valley Ski Area...

You know I'm talking about the first time I drove stick, right?
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First stick driving was in the parking lot of Overland High School after a soccer game. With my dad. I kept stalling and my dad was so frustrated, "I know you are way more coordinated than this!" Eventually we realized I was in 3rd gear. I could probably start from 3rd now, but not the first time. 

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1st stick for me was an M151A2 MUTT 1/4-ton utility vehicle...an Army jeep...in the Oklahoma National Guard in 1983.  I was given about 10 minutes instruction and then immediately had to drive 3 hours in convoy from Perry, OK, to Camp Gruber near the Arkansas border.  Good Times.

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1st Concert - Steve Miller Band. I think it was Nassau Colliseum. ( Long Island where the Islanders played) Yeah pretty sure. Couldn't drive yet.

1st car accident- totaled Pinto wagon. ( yes a stick). Well maybe it could've been rebuilt like the 6 million dollar man. (Lee Majors starring in a Wayne's World production?) After they rolled it back over on the wheels, put out the fire (small, but a fire engine came), fixed the roof and got the large dent out of the front made by the telephone pole.

So that would've been 1st time flipping a car.

I was 15. Learner's Permit? Uh...... No. Not yet.
That led to - 1st time in Court.

Amazingly got the license on time at 16.

-First time taking Drivers test. In Pinto Wagon Number 2. I know... Another stick ( geez imagine how bad if it had been auto) Passed. I still remember the Examiner telling me that coasting is illegal.I was keeping the clutch in coasting to the strop sign. ( Yeah eventually my brother and I destroyed that Pinto too but it took a few tries. Even crappy cars were tougher then. Not safer but tougher.)
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Originally Posted by rx2ski View Post

In my dad's pickup truck...

in the parking lot....

at Bolton Valley Ski Area...

You know I'm talking about the first time I drove stick, right?

You can call it whatever you want.
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First 8 track tape: ELO, can't remember which one, but my dad gave me the 8 track player in 1977 when I went to college.

First concert: Bob Denver, partly redeemed by second concert: George Benson, I think in Carnegie Hall.

First Fake Book chart: Straight, No Chaser. The guys handed me this page of straight melody with chord changes on a Sunday for a session after school on Tuesday. I'd never heard it (not on my Herbie Hancock or Hubert Laws records, and I hadn't yet been schooled by my musical buddies' collections) and playing the chords on the piano and humming the melody was no help, so it was a complete surprise (and pleasure) that it was such a gas syncopated.

First job other than babysitting and stuffing envelopes at my dad's business: working the steam and condiment table at a classic foot long hot dog stand across from Sikorsky Airport.

First boyfriend: Roger Garbo, from kindergarten until we moved away in third grade. We weren't just going to get married; we were going to be astronomers.
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Oh, first accident behind the wheel: getting broadsided by a Volvo station wagon while making a left turn in my Rabbit exactly four weeks after getting my license. The car was totaled, but my passenger and I walked away none the worse for wear.
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First concert: I hate to admit this, but Paula Abdul when I was 11. I believe I was redeemed by my second concert - Rush when I was 13.


First job (other than babysitting): Worked in a tuxedo shop (Allen's Tuxedo) measuring men for tuxedos when I was 15.


First car: 1989 Toyota Tacoma (stick shift, of course); no power steering, brakes, or . . . well, power anything. Oh! It did have air conditioning.


First new car: 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero

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First new car: 2009 VW Rabbit. What can I say, I'm a late LATE bloomer.

I have to say that Paula Abdul makes me feel a little better about my first, but also just a little old. I think Paula Abdul was very little when the intoxicants were passed up and down the row at that John Denver concert.
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Originally Posted by litterbug View Post

First concert: Bob Denver


I guess that Rocky Mountain High affected your brain, little buddy.

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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Originally Posted by litterbug View Post

First concert: Bob Denver

I guess that Rocky Mountain High affected your brain, little buddy.

Heeheehee...well, I got the vowel right. Poor John.
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I first drove a stick with my uncle in his Mazda pick up truck.  He made me park on dirt road, steep hill with the parking brake on so I could learn how to release the brake and get going up hill without spinning the tires.   I miss my Uncle Jim. 

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My first "stick" was a Farmall H at about 6 years of age.

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I don't know how you guys remember all this stuff, but a few came to me last night:


First dog growing up: Pierre, a white poodle
First dog on my own: Snoopy, a beagle
First concert: Howard Jones, Park West, Utah, 1987ish
First date: Fishing
First movie date: Guy took me to see Conan the Barbarian and his parents sat behind us


And I still can't drive stick

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First Concert - Van Halen (Diver Down Tour) Cobo Hall, Detroit
First Car - Ford Maverick "Grabber" - too big an engine for a poorly built suspension...or maybe poor driver
First Album (yup vinyl) - Styx Grand Illusion
First 8-track - Van Halen Van Halen
First Movie - Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Great thread to start up...lots of fun to read the posts.
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First Mountain bike: 96 Specialized Rockerhopper A1 FS


First "new" GS ski: Salomon S9000 1S


First trip to "real skiing": 1980 Killington


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Album: Donald Fagen, The Nightfly. CD: Elton John, Madman Across the Water

If you haven't had a chance to listen to these recordings on a quality system, you are missing out on a lot.


Trip to Colorado: 1993 Summit County


Mac: 2006 iBook G4

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1st car: 8 or 9 year old 1972 Opel Wagon. Auto. We converted it to stick over a January.
(hmm...wasn't skiing then. Had 0 days for 8 years)
Actually it wasn't a bad car. See thats the problem these days. Sticks were essential for under powered crap cars. ( Mustang II ??) Most cars then were crap it was post muscle era. Now cars have lots of power Even a Camry has 270 hp so an auto isn't that bad.

That Opel was First time Learned how oil leaking everywhere stops rust. Forget the "under coat" spray it with oil Probably kept it alive.
1st ski trip west: Taos 2000.
Ended up driving solo from north of Houston, TX in one shot. That was rough. I thought it would be about 500 miles. Not.

That was First Time learning how big Texas is.

Taos was nearly 1,000 miles. Even after the speeding ticket, in West Texas I set the cruise at 104 to try to average 100. Suburu auto wagon. Sounds fast till you drive in west Texas. 90 mph is what it takes to stay awake. 75 feels like crawling and at 60 its like you're treading water on the earth and sinking
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1st dog - Skipper a 120 pound Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This guy's life deserves a book.

1st real skis - Kastle Downhills with Marker Simplex and turntables.

1st concert - "See The Who destroy" at a 3.2 club in Colorado Springs.

1st car - restored 58 MGA. Sweet car for a high school kid, but no heater in Colorado Springs.

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First concert: Doobie Brothers, 1975.  (It is still my favorite)!

First GS racing skis: Hart Hornets, 1970 (still have them hanging on my office wall).

First major ski injury: Compound fracture through the ankle region.  8th grade, in a DH training run at Snow King.  (high speed, twisting fall).

First time driving stick: This is probably "cheating", but was driving farm equipment and pickups sometime between 3rd and 5th grade.  (late 60's)

First new car: '82 Ford Mustang - the one with no guts, but it was a fun little car anyway.

First computer: 1982 - Northstar 64K cpu CPM operating system, 2-oh yeah baby, count em, 2-360K floppy disk drives;  Cost - $6,000.

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1st concert: Rare Earth 1971. The concert was recorded and part of it ended up on their live album the next year.
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First R rated movie: Rosemary's Baby -- the original
First X rated movie: Midnight Cowboy. Yes, Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman were in an X rated movie!
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First truck :)  decided I needed a bigger box than I could get on the Q7 (plus one that would fit the dog!)


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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post

First truck smile.gif  decided I needed a bigger box than I could get on the Q7 (plus one that would fit the dog!)

wow...that is sooo well.....local.
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First time skiing in the US: Vail January 1990


I got a special deal in the UK, flying to Denver with a week's accommodation but nor knowing which resort.  Landed at Denver and first thing i did was buttonhole the rep, where am I going???   Why Vail of course......


So ended up staying in the Village Inn, right in the center!   for $1000 total for me and the then Mrs Scotsskier including transatlantic flights!!!

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

wow...that is sooo well.....local.    redneck :)

FIFY  :)


Actually makes sense!   lots of skis, SUPs, Bikes, kayaks etc in the back without problem.  No hassling trying to get stuff on the roof!


but of course  still got the 997  cab for fun....


oh and of course haven't given up totally.....the truck is twin turbo 365bhp......looking on Ebay for a Prius  PWR button to give me 500bhp +   :D

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When I learned to drive (mid-80s) the only cars my parents had were stick shifts, so that's what I had to learn to drive, right from the start.  Stick-shift minivan of some sort.


At any rate, it fell to my Dad to teach me the finer points of driving.  And I stalled that thing over and over and over again, each time with my Dad saying "more on the gas, less on the clutch".  After stalling about 200 times, it finally occurred to me that you need to push the gas in a bit before releasing the clutch all the way, so I stomped on the gas with the clutch in and then released the clutch.  Needless to say, it didn't stall.  Yay!  I did probably leave tire tracks halfway across the parking lot.  My Dad's reaction was "less on the gas, more on the clutch".  Not much rattles Dad.  :cool


I did finally get the hang of driving manual transmissions...  I still refuse to purchase a car with an automatic.  30 years of habits die hard. 

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Don't feel you need to limit "first's" to what I started with...be creative.


First time eating oysters


First time driving over 100MPH


First pet



Can I give you my mom's maiden name? A pet's name? School mascot? Color of the first car? S.S.#?   :)

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Jaws. The first movie that scared the spit out of me
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1st ski area & 1st time skiing:  Badger Pass, Yosemite


1st album:

File source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Let%E2%80%99sAllSingWithTheChipmunksActualcover.jpg


1st new bicycle:  Schwinn Sting Ray


1st R rated movie:  Bonnie & Clyde


1st job:  Washing dishes in my grammer school cafeteria


1st big venue concert:  Savoy Brown with opening act "the Small Faces featuring the extraordinary voice of Rod Stewart"


1st new skis:  K2 Elite


1st stick wasn't a stick, learned to drive in my brother's 3 on the column Corvair


1st real stick was my first car:  66' VW Bug

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