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yes! And KTAO still hosts Josseph (sic) the Starwatcher twice a day, The silvery voice of the cosmos :)



I love it too, but it's hard for me to stomach the smelly turd that Taos Pueblo dropped not all that far from Pueblo Peak:



If you like the little casino near the pueblo, you'll absolutely love the big one that is to be built on SR 522 a couple of miles past the intersection with the Ski Valley Road.

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Bozeman is a good near mountain ski town. Big sky is becoming more of a viable year round spot. We now have churches, supermarket, schools and lots of SPACE.
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Provo just got a great write-up in Outside Magazine. One of the 10-best towns to live. Sounds like it would meet most of your criteria for recreation/skiing.
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Of the towns discussed here that I know, I probably like Telluride best. It's a bit remote, but has a lot going for it (I felt the same about Crested Butte). I've been in Summit County and kind of didn't get it. Meh.


I know (or knew) Bend quite well, and Bend has a lot going for it too, though it never struck me as a particularly atmospheric spot town-wise (surrounding area yes, of course). I liked Jackson Hole well enough, but again, not sure I'd find enough to keep me there aside from the mountains. 

I've driven through the Sandpoint area a couple times, seems pretty remote to me, though that's all I can really say. Nelson BC's not a bad spot. Town leaves me a little indifferent, but it's big enough and the surrounding area has, pretty much, everything. Rossland seems too small to me, though people who live there rave about it. Driggs struck me as tiny. 

Towns I'd check out if it were me: Whitefish (weather would give me pause after years in sunny Italy), Fernie (if you can make Canada work), one of the Tahoe spots (always seems like you have to drive a lot over there, though), Taos, maybe Ketchum area. I've lived in Utah and it was not my cup of tea, but that's just me.

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Prickly, I don't know your circumstances and how you ended up in Italy, but one of my top retirement fantasies is spending a winter skiing around the Alps. I've been to the Alps for a ski trip and summer tourist trips, but very rarely. I'm intimidated by the costs of airfare and lack of familiarity with vacationing and extended stays there. Spending time in US ski country does not intimidate me in the same way and therefore I revert to that instead, but in your position why would you not prefer to explore the Alps in your retirement dreams vs. coming back to US mountains? What, from your informed perspective, are the pros and cons of US ski town retirement life vs. similar in the Alps? Thanks.
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Probably because I prefer dreaming about stuff to the actual reality, which is that I will likely retire in a ski town right here (which wouldn't be so terrible). 

Resorts in the Alps tend to crop up in towns that already exist, rather than those that have been constructed or revived because of the appearance of a ski area. As such they're usually full of locals, real locals, whose families have lived there for generations. It's a very different scene as far as taking up residence, particularly in the smaller places. From what I've seen (and I know one town very, very well, a bunch of others only superficially) there are far fewer transplants, so you'd kind of be going it on your own.


As an expat, I am perhaps a bit nostalgic for the festive buzz at some of the better ski towns in North America. Some resorts in the Alps have this too, but it's different somehow. I guess if I were back in NorAm now, looking to spend significant amounts of my retirement life at a ski town in Europe, I'd choose Austria, and start learning German. 

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Update from OP.


We just got back from a week in Whitefish.  We wanted to see Glacier National Park and to see if we liked the area in, ahem, summer.  We had great weather ranging from high 70's to, well a bit of snow on Big Mountain and a foot of snow on one of our hikes from Two Medicine in Glacier.


Sorry I have been too busy and too lazy to put any pics up on photobucket.


We still really, really like Whitefish...Even spent an afternoon looking at houses with a real estate agent.  One thing holding us back from buying is that there is a very small portion downtown where you are able to rent a property by the day or week and there is nothing for sale there.  Just outside of that zone , yet still right in or next to town you can rent seasonally.  For our use over the next 4-6 years, we would ideally have a place we could rent and visit 2 - 4 weeks per year in different seasons.  Our plan, as of now, is to keep a close eye on the market.  We don;t want to buy a place we can't rent out weekly and we don't want a condo up at the ski area.  Town is where it's at and they have a free shuttle to take you skiing and then home at the end of the day.


We loved the Whitefish Trails, mountain biking there was much smoother and easier on the body that the rocky, rooty terrain we are used to at home.  Also love hiking in Glacier National Park and were talking to a local about BC skiing there.

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