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I wish they'd get rid of that heavy gravel by the ski racks near the lodge. In May it's always exposed and I'm only there in May so it's always exposed. (It's all about me.)  It's like walking in a highway construction site with ski boots on. Anway, now that Abasin is flush with cash, it can move beyond the gravelbag image and plant some grass.


Everything to the left of the concrete walkway:

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I think Segbrown and SkiNurse are among the diehards today. 

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It seems like just yesterday we had an 84" base....May 12th actually. Now 37"--what a difference a month makes.


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I took this on May 14th, just a month ago when it seemed like July 4th was close to a sure thing:

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When we were skiing in a pretty big storm on Mother's Day I was sure Arapahoe Basin had a lot more mojo for summer skiing. 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

I think Segbrown and SkiNurse are among the diehards today. 



It was a brief nightmare getting there. Loveland Pass was closed due to Ride the Rockies, but we could get there from the west. Between Keystone and ABasin was a mess of hazmat tankers, sag wagons, skier cars, police, and oh yeah a lot of cyclists. I was a little frazzled when we made it, and hungry, so we hit the apres first.



Skiing was pretty good early! Corny up top, some fun bumps on Powerline, really not bad. East Wall was closed of course, but it actually looked like there was some nice stuff, except that instead of wet slides, some pretty big rocks appeared to be coming down. That didn't look like fun.




Around 11 or 11:15 it started getting slow and the straightliners heading for Lake (um, puddle) Reveal were scary, they weren't really paying attention to anyone, but you have to ski where they are crossing, so we quit and went to try to find a hike somewhere not too muddy. Upper Ramrod was skiing pretty good, except for the random water bottle and dirt patches you had to avoid. 


I have tried to describe what The Beach looks like without snow, and I'm not sure some of you believed me ("It's, like, a 10-ft dropoff with a river! really!")  (I know, not an Eastern river, I know.) So here is a photo.



And we met an adorable St Bernard, too.


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I'm sorry we didn't see each other @segbrown . I was skiing with a friend from Leadville until about 10:45.




We called it when the snow started to get grabby. 

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Heading up with my beagle smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

I'm sorry we didn't see each other @segbrown . I was skiing with a friend from Leadville until about 10:45.


Shoot, would have been fun.

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Today skied top to bottom nicely (for mid-June) from bell to bell. It was never sticky to any real impact and overall better than last Saturday. My two sons were shocked at there being actual skiing...they figured we were putting on skis to watch a pond skim.

Very nice 2" of corn early on the groom, good slush skiing midday, and with clouds and cooler temps after noon, conditions were relatively fast and firming up by 1:30. Puddle Reveal expanded to pond size, but it was too chilly for much of a show in the afternoon. Not much diversity, but a real ski day.

I'd say tomorrow will be a good day with the temp forecast...
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Hoping all the fathers out there had a happy Father's Day.

Didn't make it out--instead, took the parents out for dinner for their 53rd wedding anniversary and father's day. Got their RV unpacked from a 3 week trip and dare I say I wasn't really feeling it to go drive 2 hours to and probably 3+ hours back from A-Basin. Already looking at a hotel to make the best of the last weekend of the season.

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Well, the last weekend is upon us. Time for a new thread.
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