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Liberty Genomes

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I'm between 5'9" and 5'10" and weigh 170-175 lbs. I currently have the Liberty Helix 176. I love these skis. I am planning to buy the Liberty Genomes. Currently, I have the 181s on pre-order but wondering if I should get the 187s instead. Anyone have thoughts or advice?




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You'll have more then enough float on the 181, only go longer if you really want the charge harder and have something more stable.

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I used a pair of 187's in deep backcountry Japow. Heaps of float for my 220lbs. I would think the 181's would easily keep you on top.
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Will also add that although I had fun on these boards, I do remember thinking to myself that the width had gone way past the point of diminishing returns. I ended up buying some 190cm Élan Boomerangs (121 waist) which I use in Hokkaido. I'm 187cm tall and 220lbs.
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