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Good on ya, eXDee, you ordered some good stuff.  I ordered the SVST 1 degree base beveler and the SVST 2 degree Pro side beveler along with some other stuff.  I got it a few days ago, and in the box was a coupon for 20% off your next purchase,  So expect the same.


The Pro Edge Side beveler has a slot in it to mount a nice long clamp to the tool, and Artech sell this tool for $15.00 (I know, more expensive than the bevel tool itself, but that's great prices for you.)



Also, for $9.00 you can get this block to hold the base file in place:





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Oops, pictures didn't come through and the block is no longer on the Tognar website, but the picture is.  The link to Artech will show you a picture of the clamp.

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BTW, now that you have a 2* guide, you could save a few bucks and buy a 1* shim for less than the cost of a 3* guide. It also fits into the slot in the tool. It's out of stock in most places right now, and prices vary a lot from site to site, but here's what they look like.

The best clamp I have at the moment is a Pony Brand spring clamp. I got mine from a local hardware store after a cheaper one I bought online fell apart. It's probably a bit quicker to change files with a spring clamp, but a screw clamp holds more securely. Most people have no trouble using a spring clamp and their hand to hold the file and tool together. I've got some nerve problems in my hands, so this is what I'm leaning toward because it doesn't limit the angle of the file:
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Thanks, I am already aware of the adapters and may order one.  I've been using 2 spring clamps on another side bevel gauge. 

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Originally Posted by near nyquist View Post has the international irons and ships downunder, check them out

Thanks for that! appreciated, will take a look this week.


Originally Posted by oldgoat View Post

Lots of people are happy with 2 degree side edges.

Search this forum and also TGR Tech Talk for home made ski vise ideas--lots of people get by without commercial vises

You're right. Vice is expensive, but worth every penny.

Yeah i'm going to have to investigate vices, see whether i need a proper one or can do a bit of DIY I'll see if i can find what others are using.


Originally Posted by Jacques View Post

Good tuning stuff is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.  If you plan on skiing for years it will all be a good investment.  A badly tuned ski will hamper your progression.  A finely HAND TUNED ski will allow you to progress your skills to the next level and beyond.  Good luck.  Each time you tune you will get better at it.  Go for it!


Exactly what i'm wanting to do! This may be my first set of skis, but i'm planning on keeping these tools for when i eventually upgrade away from them, and improving my tuning skills as i get more practice.

Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post

All Fischer Front-side skis are 1/3, and without question you want a 3 degree side edge on that ski!

Thanks for the advice!


Turns out that the 2 degree and 3 degree edge bevels are out of stock anyway. Alpine base and edge just shipped my order, which ill be getting in about a month (friend bringing it back from the US).


Now the list is:


-Plastic scraper for wax

-Vice of some description

-240v Iron

-3 Degree edge bevel

-Clamp for bevel

-Some alcohol to mix with water to use when sharpening with the stones


You are all excellent! Much appreciated!



edit: whoops didn't see page 2. All noted, i'll check out those clamps and such when i get the chance tonight or tomorrow.

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Vise.  Presume you have plenty of vices already.  

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Cheapskate tip:   search for "burton file guide kit"  - the older ones had an all-metal body with built-in 0-5degree  bevel guides   that could be used with most files and came with a relatively nice bastard file and a nice ceramic stone.      No add-on shims at extra cost.    No external clamps necessary.    A long time ago they were also sold as Red file guide kits (red anodised finish,  ofc).

This video shows the newer one (one of the older red ones is sitting on the bench)


NOT the all-plastic ones that look like a molten triangle.     

Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post



Only in the US.     :-)

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Learn something new every day.
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Originally Posted by cantunamunch View Post



Only in the US.     :-)



Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Learn something new every day.

So many posts are frustrating because people don't tell us where they live and/or ski.  How are we to judge if someone is ignorant or Canadian?

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