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Temptation 74 or Potion 72

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I'm a ski newbie.  Just started last season and I want to buy my own skis.  (Rentals add up)  I live in the east, so I need something that works with packed and grommed hard snow (NY mountains)  I also need something that works in the west (Park City) on grommed powder as well.  I'm looking to ski maybe 10-14 times a season (half of that in the west, half in the east). I have found the Rossignol temptation 74 which are nice tip and tail rockers, but I just recently came accross the K2 Potion 72 which they also say are good skis for beginners with room for advancement, but since I don't know much about it, I don't know which one would work best for the conditions I pointed out and with me being a recent beginner trying to go a little more aggressive but still hesitant in some cases. Please help!

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Hi, welcome to Epic. IMO, you'd be best off with the following strategy: 1) Go buy some decent boots at a ski shop near where you ski. These are the foundation of all skiing improvement. And you can get them adjusted for free by the shop if you discover issues after skiing on them. Also pick up some inexpensive poles this summer at a shop or online. 2) Keep renting skis for another 2/3-season, at least until next late Feb when the sales start. 3) Try to take a few lessons. They will really get you moving toward intermediate. 4) THEN buy some skis, that are suitable for an intermediate. 


If you buy skis that are easy to manage right now, you'll outgrow then in two seasons. That's more expensive than renting for a while yet. 


Good luck!

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The boots are a done deal. I've decided to get fitted for them. I've already taken quite a few full days of lessons when I took a trip to park city this past February. I really don't want to keep renting unisex skis. I'd rather buy. Since you say easy to manage skis would be outgrown quickly, should i then change my searching towards a more intermediate ski?
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Yes. A beginner with a few lessons should be able to handle most or all intermediate skis. Tell them you're a low intermediate, so they don't try to sell you what is basically a rental ski for new skiers.

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Have you considered a seasonal rental from a local shop? The cost is usually pretty reasonable and they may even be amenable to you changing skis as the season progresses. Another option is used skis. Many shops sponsor sales, usually in early Fall, where folks bring their old gear on consignment. You can get the shop personnel to steer you toward skis for a low intermediate and not a beginner as beyond suggests,


And I'll second that you made the right choice to get fitted for good boots first.

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