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Reminder and Moved posts

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Hi all,

This is just a gentle reminder that although Epicski is a Public forum, it is privately funded mostly out of AC's pocket and a few other passionate skiers that help out with donations. This being said, It is AC's house and we should treat it with respect for his wishes. AC has stated in the past that he want's this to be a "Welcoming and friendly" gathering place so Please keep the posts clean and friendly. Any Hateful posts or agression towards other members will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Multiple offenses will result in that offender being banned from the site.

We also have been trying to keep posts in the forum area that best suites the thread so I have moved a few of the posts.

Extreme Veteran had a poll, for instance, that seemed to fit better in the Humor section so it was moved there and I renamed the post to allow for those that might find the topic offensive to avoid the thread (warning) see here

Thanks for your attention and help keeping this place going.

Now when is it going to snow here in Calif?
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Just curious how "community announcements and site admin" is a better location than "general forums" for reporting a ski area opening in the midwest in October (at least a month ahead of all other areas in the midwest), while stuff about Rockies areas opening remains on the "general forums"???? Are there too few midwesterners participating in EpicSki to merit "general" interest?
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hmm. not sure which threads you are refering to. Actually Brule thread was probably supposed to move to the resorts news. I probably oops there. Like AC mentioned, we don't have time to read every thread but when it's obvious that it's about a specific resort, I usually move it to the resorts section. That's true with ski reports etc.
Brule thread moving to the resorts forum where I should have put it originally. BTW
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