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Bear Found!!!!

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Sugar's publicist?
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That's Fox...NOT drinking a Guiness Stout, BTW

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Unintellegent look, dilated pupils, guzzling a beer....it has to be WTFH.
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What I want to know is why are the catchlights in his eyes doughnut shaped, as if they came from a ring light?

...especially since ring lightss have been used a lot for fashion work, and this is most certainly NOT a fashion shot. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Tom / PM
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I would if I could remember.

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Meant to add:
It was taken by a lady. Didn't use the flash. I am naturally that pale, red-eyed and slightly out of focus...
Or, at least, it seems that way every time I look in the mirror.

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FYI it was Becks, pretty sure you still owe me for that particular beer actually WTFH. Was that before or after you got punched?!
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That was before the photographer hit me in the left eye. Oh, and thanks for the beer Loki, sorry I can't make it on Friday night, but I'm washing my hair.
What about meeting at the show on Saturday?

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...meant to add, Loke (sorry about spelling it in the Native language), if you'd turned up on time, instead of doing your Lexycography, you would definitely have got a drink or two from me, ask Vicky or Rosie (?), as far as I know I got a couple of rounds in early on.
(Or, option two, if you looked like Vicky in her FMBs, you might have stood a better chance)

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Don't look that good in FMB's I can imagine but may give it a go if I go to the ski show on Sat although I think I am going to be at home with the girlf as my folks are away and I never really get to see her so a nice video and some wine or perhaps a shed load of wine and a big party who can say. Enjoy it though!!

I'll forgive you the spelling mistake this once WFTH!
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Looks like one of those rare albino bears.
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Is that the real Slim Shady?
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You might see me near a Marshall stack, but you'll never see me near Marshall Mathers.
Are you saying I look like the Albino as played by Mel Smith in The Princess Bride?

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pasty-white, pond-skippin', skinhead-bein', Beck's/Heineken/Rolling Rock-drinkin', 2003 Utah Gathering-attendin'...

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I thought you were dead, it's been so, um, "quiet" around here without you. Are you OK?

And, yes, you got the description right.

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