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Expert ski boot and alignment advise given

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My friends Mike Maratrano and Bob Barnes suggested I introduce myself on this site. My name is Jeff Bergeron and I am the owner of Boot Fixation in Breckenridge, CO. I would like to invite people to ask me any questions they have that involve ski boot fit and alignment and ski technique. Here is a little background info on how I help skiers.

For over 15 years, I have worked to take the struggle out of people's skiing. I do this in three ways.
1. Boots and Equipment Setup- I specialize in putting skier's boots in harmony with their bodies so that they can ski relaxed and naturally. I am listed on the Master Boot Fitter part of this site and have helped hundreds of people get their boots to work for them.
2. Persnal Coaching through the TAP program- As head coach of the Arapahoe Basin Adult Race Program, I have developed a unique system of ski instruction that demystifies good technique. I often say that skiing well is easy, but finding the information to do this can be almost impossible. I teach people what they need to know and show them how to incorporate it into their skiing quickly.
3. MBTE training sessions- This acronym stands for mind, body, technique, equipment. Whether you want to be a top level racer or just be confident on the green runs, skiing well is more than just technique. By getting all of the elements of your skiing to work in harmony, you can become the skier you want to be easily and naturally.

Whether you are looking to improve your skiing, eliminate pain or just have more fun, I can help. I service skiers of all abilities. I am offering to answer any boot/alignment and technique questions that you may have. Please email me at bootfix@colorado.net and please give me a couple of days to respond.
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Hmmmmmm....borderline Spam, but nice to meet you anyway.
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I grew up in MN, which is Spam and Viking country! So I can't help myself...

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Welcome to EpicSKi Jeff! Expect this kind of thing, it's a forum : [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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Hi, Jeff!

Welcome aboard!

For those who don't know Jeff, he is one of the top bootfitters in the country. People come to him from all corners of skidom after being repeatedly frustrated by the boot fitters in their areas and Jeff can usually fix the problem.

His expertise is absolutely top-notch and I HIGHLY reecommend anyone with boot questions take advantage of his expertise. You can't do better!

Thanks, Jeff!

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Hi Jeff, Welcome to Epicski.

Come on guys take it easy on the new people. Give them a chance.
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Hey Jeff--Great to see you here (finally)! Welcome to EpicSki.

Folks, Jeff is a great resource to add to the EpicSki family--and a good guy "to boot"! There are few others, if any, with his combination of knowledge of boots and anatomy, ski technique, and teaching. I have only one request (sorry Jeff!)--do NOT e-mail Jeff with your questions! Ask them right here in the forum, so that we can all learn!

I hope to see a lot more of you here, Jeff. Don't let Irul scare you away--you'll get used to him!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I may ship off my suitcase, skis - the whole enchilada - to Utah for the 2003 EpicSki Academy and the gathering. My boots, however, will travel with me, because if stuff gets "lost", I can rent skis, even clothes, but the boots have been so personalized to me that nothing else will do.

If you're that good with boots, I hope to meet you, and not just here. So, Jeff, we're having a "ski camp" and a get togther in Utah at the end of January, beginning of February. What are the chances you might like to join us? Just wondering.
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Welcome Jeff. Your expertise will be of great value. I can't wait to ski the changes we made to my boots.
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Jeff, welcome to Epic Ski. I have heard a lot of good things about your work.

Two questions
1. I'm in a Salomon Course (yellow) boot that I like, but feel it is a little stiff in forward flex. What is the best way to soften the flex.

How much can the bottoms be ground (canted) before material has to be added to the tops of the toe and heel lugs.

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Sorry dchan & Jeff, my intent was to razz irul&ublo...

'cause irul enjoys that kind of thing

Jeff's a "famous" local in Breck, because of his solutions.

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Ok Testing - but I might add the warning that my right foot is VERY dodgy...

As per Bob's request I'll ask here.

My RIGHT foot is twisted on the bottom of my right leg(below ankle) ie when I sit on a medical examination table with heels over end of table the legs are straight but the right foot 'hangs' out at quite an angle.

In order to correct this(transverse arch is also collapsed due to poor gait relating fromthis & other instability issues in mid foot area) I have an orthotic built by my podiatrist with(I'm told) about 9/10 correction. It was cast with SLOW set plaster to allow 'relocation' of foot into alignment with leg while casting. Even having my heels on the table places some 'twisting' pressure on feet/leg - so foot doesn't hang out so much - so I am not sure how ANY bootfitter says they can correct when doing a weighted or even semi-weighted casting -as I can FEEL the twist in that lower leg most of the time when I'm not on my orthotic. 10 mins walking without orthotic causes BAD KNEE pain for quite some time.

I have been told by bootfitters that it is OK - because my ski boots will 'pull' my foot straight.

Any hints/ideas?

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Welcome Jeff! Your insights will be an excellent addition to our discussions.

Let's have these discussions in the gear forum, where most people will be looking for them and therefore a broader range of people will benefit from them.
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Welcome, Jeff!

On a personal note, Jeff reworked my wife's ski boots a couple of years back now. Her boots were causing her so much pain and trouble that she couldn't make it more than a run or two at most before she had to head in. Thanks to Jeff's work, she is skiing pain free, loves to back on the slopes again, and is actually skiing better too. I heartily recommend his services.

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