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How will these poles work?

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Hi everyone,

Decided to try and fix up some of my Dad's old composite poles for me to use, similar to this but older http://www.rossignol.com/US/US/pursuit-carbon-g40_RD22010_product_alpine-men-poles.html


I cut them down to fit me, however one of the tips of the poles had been sheared off so I had to try and repair it. I managed to find a bolt that sat flush, cut it and glued it in. Then filled away the ends to make  a point, however, the poles are slightly uneven in length and the ends are different (as shown in the pictures)






Will the length difference have much effect? Also wondering if the shape of the ends will effect how it will stick in the snow?

Thanks in advance

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Also quick question, is it possible to fit big powder baskets to them?

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Poles are cheap. You don't need fancy ones. Yard sales are good places to look. Not worth the time, trying to bring old ones back from the dead. Poles don't need to match, aesthetically speaking, but they do need to be exactly the same length, they do need to have functional tips that grip (unless you are skiing only in powder), and they do need to be structurally sound to minimize the chance that they will snap and injure you in a fall.


If you REALLY want a direct answer, you need to start over with your photos and get the camera to focus on the poles and not on the carpet in the distance. Suggest laying them down on a neutral un-patterned background and using the macro mode on your camera, if it has one.

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I tried to get a few better photos, I can take the grips off again and even them up, it is just a question of whether the tips will work. Thanks for your help, I know I can get a decent pair of poles very cheap but just wanted to try and sort these ones out as they are a good pair of poles, just the ends are busted

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What's the length difference and are they the right length for you? Where are you skiing? Groomers? I think if the length is right and the difference is an inch or less they'll be fine. That thick one probably can't be fitted with powder baskets, but wander in your local shop and ask. Last one cost me three bucks installed.
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Length  is right for me (right angles) and about 2 cm difference between the pair. Will be skiing a bit of everything groomers and pow,ski in the alps so conditions are variable. Will powder baskets make a huge difference for me? I know that I should probably just buy a new pair, but it seems a shame as they were apparently expensive poles when new.


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In powder I don't think you'll notice, but on hardpack...maybe.  Powder baskets help a bit with the pole implanting so deeply that it sinks and becomes a post in the ground and doesn't release.  2 cm seems to be pushing a bit, but it depends on your pole usage.  Some people just have them along for the ride.  

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They may be a bit less but I could definitely cut them a bit more. How noticeable do you think it will be on hardback- definitely use my poles for pole plants and also poling along and traverses etc
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You can replace the ferrules. They smack off . Buy an appropriate pair, put them on with some powder baskets after resizing the poles and you'll have fresh ends and equal lengths.  Search here ,Spindrift had a link that I followed for a Leki product six or so years ago but there are many more available now.  I Googled ferrules,ski poles and found some good responses.


It might make more sense to find a good pair of used aluminum ski poles on ebay or the upcoming ski swaps in the fall.  Maybe not, I fixed mine. Good luck

http://www.ski-poles-accessories.com/index.php?cat_id=4     This link shows some examples but I do not endorse the web site as it's just a Google hit.

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I had to google ferrule and found this YouTube video showing how to remove and replace a ferrule by heating and re-gluing it. Looks easy.
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Thanks for your help- I already took the ferrules off to examine, but they are an old pole and ferrules are hard to source over here- do you think they would be interchangable?
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Decided just to buy a new pair, for the sake of £20 a pair of decent poles with powder baskets is worth it I reckon. How do big pow baskets hold up on hardpack? Thanks for all your help smile.gif
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You'll want small baskets for groomers; powder baskets are annoying if there's no powder.  New poles usually come with small baskets.  $5.00 bought me my powder baskets here in the states.  They screw on and off and are easy to change.

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My poles are from back when there was one size basket. The baskets are on the large side and I skied the Ice Coast for over twenty years with them. Never had an issue. I can see if you drag them they might wear down?
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My only problems with powder baskets are when they meet web fences :o

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Haha okay, will look for some proper powder baskets then :) Any preferences carbon or alu? was thinking maybe adjustable as I am still growing ( I am 15) but worried about there strength?

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