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A friend of mine does motivational speaking and he just shared an idea I thought was topical. Stability is something we all crave in our skiing. How we go about it is interesting because we place value on building on the past. But what if we reimagined the idea of stability. "Being stable" tends to create the image of less dynamic movements. It's analogous to a horse stable. Something meant to keep the horse in a confined area. Allowed to run free the horse would roam and as skiers if we stay in "the stable" the whole idea of doing new things is pretty unlikely. Einstein's definition of insanity comes to mind, Something has to be done differently if we expect a different outcome! Along with that "roaming" there will likely be some failures but new ideas alway have that risk. It explains how a student's dogmatic beliefs can be an impediment to growth and technical improvements. Especially in the first few cert levels where memorization is a much larger percentage of the curriculum.

So how do top racers create stability in hyper dynamic situations. They train in the "stable" but they also train while roaming outside the stable as well. Eventually their "stable" becomes very large and operating in that larger world it's not only possible, it's necessary.
So don't forget to work outside your stable...
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Bud, hahaa... but gravity is as close to the truth as it gets smile.gif

Ahhh yes grasshoppa, but how we choose to deal with gravity changes everything!  We can choose to fight it or play with it and these are two totally opposite intents!  and two totally different outcomes!

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