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Whitefish Lockers

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Are there lockers available to leave your skis in overnight so we don't have to cart them up the Mountain every day on the snow bus?

We are looking at coming out for a month so probably don't need a locker for a whole season.


Thanks Jane

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Depending on when you are coming, you may want to contact @Fuller, who is coming for a few weeks in the later part of the season, OR @Alpenglow, who didn't really use his last season. I'm guessing he wouldn't normally be renewing, BUT HE HAS ONE. There is a huge waiting list for the seasonal lockers. He might be willing to subcontract the locker to you, at a price... ;-)

Beyond that, I do not believe there are ski-sized lockers for overnight storage. However, contact the info center, tell them your issue, and ask. They may be aware of others in your boat. I know there is a guy who only uses his locker the months of January and February. He has been doing that for years, though, so he may already have arranged that someone else takes it over. It is possible that the info center knows of others that only use the locker part of the season.

If it turns out that, as I suspect, there are no ski-sized lockers other than seasonal (let me know if I'm wrong), then get on that waiting list NOW.
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Thanks for your prompt reply I have e-mailed Whitefish Mountain and both people suggested by you above.

Another question I have is how did you find the ski programe you had during the season on a Wed?


Thanks Jane

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That's Ladies Day.

Last year's info:

Whether it works for you or not is very dependent on who else shows up at your level.
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Locker Update.


Guest Services replied to my question about the lockers and there is at least a 2 year wait list!  Thanks also to the several people I e-mailed about lockers who replied to me.  Looks like well lug our skis up each day.


Regards Jane

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You might try putting your name on the list anyway.  Alpenglow did, they told him the same thing, and yet magically he got a locker.  Not where I would want my locker, but he got one.  For you, if you use the Snow Bus each day, you would just stay on until you got to the Upper Village.  Not a bad location if you use the bus.  Horrid if you are driving as you'd have to hike up to it.  

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Locker pricing has come out, another increase. $260 for the base lodge, $155 for the Village. They claim 180 person wait list. Based on Alpenglow's experience last year, it may be possible to get a Village locker, but it's only worth it if you use the Snow Bus. Otherwise, you're better off getting there early and using your car.
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