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Rare Skis

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I recently came across some brand new never mounted or even opened Sarner Visions at my mountain. I know that Sarner was a ski company in the 70s that went out of business, and that they are now very rare. But i have no idea how much they could be worth. I do know that there are a pair of them in the Oslo ski museum in Munich Germany though. Any help would be awesome.

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Welcome to epic.

The true measure of there value can be obtained on eBay.

Seriously though, you may get more feedback posting in more retro memories. Many serious collectors participate in that thread. What was the context of the skis in the museum? Were they used by someone famous? In a famous race?

Skis that were mass produced aren't as rare as you might think. NOS (new old stock) skis aren't that rare, either. For an old ski to have value it must have been owned by someone special (Billy Kidd, Jean Claude Killy, etc.) or in a special race or event or be truly limited in production.
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