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Why are there so many polls being posted and what real purpose do they serve ? Most are biased, and therefore the results are more often flawed rather than being useful.
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probably because they are a new function and fun. There are actually less being posted these days than when it first was put in. Also traffic in the chat room has dropped off too. As time goes on I suspect the polls will become more serious and better as people learn how to write good polls. until then...

By the way moving to the community forum...
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Spurred by the subjectivity of "bias," "useless," "more serious," and "better," I did a quick search at three recently posted polls (which, by the way, seem there to respond to, or not, or simply to move another to improve upon) and found the number of responses to be 109, 102, and 90, figures that seem to indicate that some find them worthwhile enough to respond to, then discuss, if they so wish. Some have wished.
I thought this was about discussion. Does there not exist an implicit understanding that what floats one person's boat might not necessarily float another's, and that that's okay? Further, I see nothing problematic about occassional frivolity (the ski jacket poll, for
example). Apparently, others agree.
I have been surprised, by the way - and I don't know whether, wink, this is among the polls you have in mind - at the scrum (albeit minor) that resulted from the ability poll. I also thought Weems did a great job of explaining that particular level indicator, how it is used, the purpose it serves, etc.
And, if nothing else, it shines a light once again on how quickly many skiers get their buttons pushed by things having to do with their (perceived) ski level, as well as that of others. Thus, it seems inherently fitting and worthy here, in a SKI FORUM.

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Points well taken Ryan, but also polls need qualifcation so that they don't become misleading.
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