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favorite ski sayings

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three of my favorite ski sayings,  


"Skiing is the right combination of work and fun, gravity does the work and I have the fun"  unknown author


"Ski fast and leave narrow tracks"   WW  and/or DE


" Modern skiing is about changing your edges without changing your direction"  HH



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"Pick a slow line, and ski it fast."  WW

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There are only two reasons to turn; fear and boredom.

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"Less Talk, More Skiing!"

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"Talk on  the chair, people!"

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Have you had your alignment checked?

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Ski quote threads are alway a good bit of fun....



Here's one of my favorites from our very own Bob Barnes 

There are two types of snow.  Good and good for you. - Bob Barnes



A couple other thread with some ski quote ideas:

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What's your favorite ski related quote?

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"Just follow those tracks, you'll be fine."  


"Really, it is not too steep."

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Bend the knees, five dollars please.
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