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Lift Ride at 7 Springs with "Roundturns"
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via Phil Pugliese, from a posting on the skimag site. I've not been back there since (about 2 years ago). I figured anyone who extolled the virtues of Flexons must be on to something!

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Was looking for reviews of new gear. Did google search for "ski reviews". There were lots of refs to Epic and to Peter Keelty's. I now happily belong to both.
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Mad River Web Page - click on parking lot shot and explore his links. I get my weather that way, too.
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R. S. A. M
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Originally Posted by SJ
Well, my story begins a few years ago, in a country far, far away (or at least it is if you don't live there).
Pull up a chair, and grab a glass (I know I have).
Short version: irul.

Long version: I'm on my second pair of K2 skis. I used to spend a lot of time on their site. They had a discussion forum, which was normally pretty sycophantic, you know: "K2 make the best skis in the world, so, what size of K2's should I buy" etc. There were a few on it who were a bit more boisterous, including someone going by the name of irul&ublo (not sure if it is our irul). Anyway, every day he would make posts to the effect of: "I am the best skier in the world. everyone else is useless." One day, one of his posts went a bit further, and crossed "the line". One of the other posters replied with: "I bet you haven't the guts to say that to the likes of Todd Murchison on EpicSki"
Now, I had heard of Todd, and thought, well if this is somewhere that proper skiers hang out, then maybe I could learn things here. I lurked for a couple of weeks, then I dived in. That was a year ago.
The rest is history.

Different irul. When the old K2 board (the one with the burnt orange background and the picture of the guy w/ the red, white and blue face) folded, I stole the name, bastard that I am.

For any of you who remember that board, "Long Live TwoBuddah!!"
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Ah, memories!
This time round, I found it through snowHeads (someone on there posted that Epic was back up and running)
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