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The Stöckli's no longer with Stöckli

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This article, in German, says that the Stockli family is no longer a part of Stockli and (If I understand correctly) that the company is planning on concentrating a bit more on summer product lines. 


Here is the google translation 


No more Stöckli Stöckli
The founding family of the ski manufacturer withdraws from the company. The new owner Diego Kaufmann is increasingly relying on summer business .
Change of ownership : Stöckli skis .
Change of ownership : Stöckli skis . Photo by Keystone


When Swiss Ski and Bike Manufacturer Stöckli the founding family withdraws from the company. The Entlebucher family of entrepreneurs to Diego businessman takes over their shares. She is already sitting on the Board of the Lucerne operation. The sale had been planned for some time , Stöckli said. And the acquisition price Stöckli did not specify .

In addition to the withdrawal from the Board of Beni Stöckli Sr. and Rita Stöckli also managing director Beni Stöckli junior retired from the family business. The board of directors did not undertake an external manager this year , said a spokesman Stöckli on request. Until then Stöckli lead the company continued .

Expand summer business

Stöckli wanted above all to grow internationally in the future , it is said in the communiqué . Therefore, the company optimize marketing and sales and build the business of summer . In the future, one wants to focus even more on " innovative , high-quality ski and bike products ."

Chairman Niklaus Knüsel thanked the "Swiss Award 2013 " winner Beni Stöckli for the heart blood, which he had invested in the company . He had the Stöckli brand successfully positioned .

Stöckli claims to be the only well-known ski manufacturer in Switzerland. The company, based in Wolhusen LU also produces mountain bikes and e-bikes. In Switzerland, Stöckli has 15 of its own specialized sport shops .

Last year it had a turnover of over 65 million Swiss francs , it is called on. The company founded in 1935, today has ski stars like Tina Maze under contract. ( wid / sda )

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It will be very interesting to see the first actions of the new CEO. Clearly, the sale of the company by the founding family is bound to raise questions about new ownership's commitment to Stockli's legendary quality. It would be easy to imagine a scenario where the new CEO contracted manufacturing to a lower-cost location. Watch his comments and his first actions very carefully.

I look forward to seeing an interview in English.

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Originally Posted by JRO92009 View Post
....... It would be easy to imagine a scenario where the new CEO contracted manufacturing to a lower-cost location. Watch his comments and his first actions very carefully.



That would be ....... tragic.

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Surprising. What's Diego Kaufmann's business background and style?
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From the Stockli website...

Stöckli now focuses on the next expansion phase. In this connection the entrepreneurial family from Entlebuch, who have held substantial shares in the company for more than 20 years, have taken over Stöckli Swiss Sports AG completely. The majority of the company belongs to Diego Kaufmann who, together with his mother, already took a seat on the Board of Directors in early 2013.

The sale of its company shares prompts the Stöckli family to retire from the management and the Board of Directors. Following his successful work for Stöckli Sports AG, Ben Stöckli finds this is an ideal time to hand over the operational management of the company and take up a new professional challenge elsewhere. The two long-standing representatives of the Stöckli family on the Board of Directors, Beni senior and his wife, Rita, will leave the company's highest committee and retire.
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Anyone want to translate from German for us?




Here's the Google Translate version:


The merchant family from Entlebuch LU accepts the Stöckli their life's work. The merchant who are these anyway? In the canton of Lucerne, the family is very well known.

The merchant and the Stöckli are already long interconnected business. Kaufmann's own for over 20 years, significant shares in the ski manufacturer. How big are these shares, but is a secret.

The participation had built the last autumn deceased entrepreneur Hans Kaufmann († 71). The Inner Swiss economy size was inter alia CEO and co-owner of the mail-order company Ackermann and President of the "New Lucerne Zeitung".

With Diego businessman, the second generation is at the helm

Today the Ackermann shipping the Austrian Otto-Versand-daughter Unito heard. The company is, however, deeply Swiss: It was founded in 1871 as the first shipping company in Europe in Entlebuch by longtime FDP National Alfred Ackermann. This encouraged the young Hans Kaufmann, promoted him to CEO and made him a co-owner. In 1989, Kaufmann withdrew, Ackermann was sold.

Kaufmann, who described himself as an entrepreneur and sometimes Christ, is the new company turned to, among other things, Stöckli.

Almost a year ago reinforced the wife of the deceased, Eva Kaufmann, and her son Diego (31) the Stöckli Board. Diego businessman has now taken over the majority of the family involvement, which he calls the shots at Stöckli. This is the second generation of the family shareholder at the helm, the company can know.

Who is a businessman and what makes him tick: That's not all known. We know only that the 31-year-old schools in Australia has visited and continued their education in western Switzerland to the marketing expert.

The new Stöckli owners shy away from the limelight. Not even a picture there of him. It should stay that way, he can be aligned. He will also not comment publicly, which had already made his father so.

Clear is only: Businessman is looking for a new boss who comes for Beni Stöckli. The New is to come from the outside and have many years of international experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. The aim of the new owner: Stöckli will grow stronger, gain the brand to profile.(Cst)

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