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Scott Superhot boots

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Looking for a pair of Scott Superhot boots 2nd generation size 8 ,

lowers must be good , Ok if uppers are cracked


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Is this the style your looking for?  I can't find a size except maybe an "M" on the side of the sole.  tell me where to look.  BSL is about 304mm.  there are no cracks.  pm me for pricing. and more pics.






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Just saw this thread, are you still in possession of your Scott boots pictured? If yes and your still interested is selling, I'd be interested provided they're a medium shell which is what they appear to be and an "B" upper. The latter is listed on the back of the boot's upper.



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I sold the boots to the OP.  I believe he was going to use them for molds to make a Carbon Fiber version.





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