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Core Ski Camp Whistler ???

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Has any one done a Core ski camp in Whistler.

They are improver camps and I was wondering if they are any good?


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Bump to see if someone can chime in. 


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I've been to the camp two times over Christmas and New Years and  had the best time of my life. The camp director named Turner tries to make it as great as possible. There are more snowboarders than skiers. What I like most about the camp is that the coaches will take you anywhere you want to go and are not limited to only certain groomed trail runs like the resort's snow school is run like. The camp also has night activities as well such as going to a trampoline center called bounce, make your own sushi parties, and outings to the bar. You need to already know how to ski or snowboard before attending this camp though. The coaches will not be on the bunny hill. They will hike to remote spots in the resort that are amazing and the coaches know the best spots on the mountains. I highly recommend this camp to any experienced skier that can ski at least blue runs.

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