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No doubt. I love how active CSIA is in getting their D-team out there on video.

I watched their stuff a lot more than the PSIA vids getting ready for L3 testing, particularly S.M.'s.
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Originally Posted by boog View Post

Hi all,

If any of you feel like keeping your eye in over the summer please have a look and let me know what you think would be the next step.

I have had a problem with getting too far forward and crushing the boot. I'm trying to work on opening the ankle.

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You're not serious, right?
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Your holding onto your turns to long. First few turns your feet drop down into the hole. Turn and speed control in other places. Easier places. Don't drop into the hole and bounce out. You have about 90% other places to control your direction and speed. Also. As in your skiing at the bottom. Stand on your feet balance on your feet and fluidity place your feet were your want to go. Choice is huge is skiing. Look ahead. Ya. Find the smoothest way down. Save energy and play on the fun stuff. Pow piles and big bumps to get air. Just stand in your boots. Your late and get caught in the front of your boot. Because your well , leaning on the front of your boot or allowing your body to get ahead of your feet. Be suse. Your feet are late. Get out of the hole earlier. Don't even go in there.
Also for level 3. You should be able to think about your own skiing. Is it what you want to experience. If not MA your self. It's your skiing. Don't look at a video of your skiing. Just make adjustments that feel! Right. Smooth delicate easy fast fun and groovie
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Sorry I'm trying to use my phone. First post was in error. Second post I hit reply.
To continue.
Your a good skier. Level 3 no problem. But. Don't let the terrain push you around. At the bottom of thd run. Your line is smooth and nice. So my MA of your video. Your doing awesome. But don't stay to long in the bottom of the turn. Use the top of the turn and the middle. Sometimes the bottom of the turn has to get shifted mid turn. Either drift in the fall line. Or. In the top of the turn choose to go another place.
After that adjustment. Your gold.
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I just read all those posts. Yikes. Dude. You don't need dolphin turns. You have good control of your ankles.
You don't need long leg or short leg.
Your hands are good.
Your upper body stay quite.
You don't need flexion and extension. You kil that too.
Your just late. Period.
Get in get out. Don't drift into big ass whole you then need to use your awesome skills to get out of.
Make skiing easy.
I have filmed myself skiing. You would never know I'm skiing bumps. I have even had someone say to me you don't care if there are any bumps do you ?
It's because. I'm early looking ahead finding the easiest way down, yes a big speeds, and searching for the good stuff. Don't ski what's in front of you. Pick your line.
Ok. I'll leave you alone.
Nice skiing.
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