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Dalbello Strike 120

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Just pulled the trigger on a pair of these, really hard to find them anywhere! There is very little info on the net on these, I guess they are a newer incarnation of the Scorpion in a tweener flex.


I'm coming off a pair of very worn 1st Gen Krypton Pros. I demoed both the new KR2 and the Strike 120 in Mammoth back in March. I was a bit disappointed with the KR2 fit. Although it felt plenty stiff, there was much more room in the shell in my size 28 than the previous version. For many people this is good, but I have very narrow feet. Bud measured me as a B- width, so my feet fit the 1st gen Krptons pretty well. Just felt like when they packed out, there would be way too much room. Also wasn't super keen on the upright stance, but that's another story. I guess trying to go down a size is too big a jump in length, to go from 327 to 317 would be trouble as I'm already about a 1 finger fit.


Also tried the Strike 120. Fit really nice in the store with a super tight heel pocket. However, on a cold March morning these boots made my feet go numb in a couple of runs. Super stiff, and a major pain getting them off, even though they supposedly made the plastic around the throat softer.


Hoping with some boot work, stretching around the forefoot, these will work for me. Anyone skied them and have any comments? Thinking if I can get the fit dialed they will ski better than my old Kryps, maybe much better.

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I looked up the data on this boot, it should work for you when broken in----- Data direct from Dalbello:  Classic 4 buckle closure architecture designed to hold skiers feet securely in a strong and balanced stance. Two different volume shell mold“plugs” are featured in the series:SR 150 = 95mm volume plug fit last All other SR & SF models = 98 mm performance fit last.


If you have a B width foot a 98mm shell should work.


So ski them a few more days, when it is not so cold, and see if the numbness goes away.



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go see bud. he will be able to get your fit issues resolved.



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Originally Posted by starthaus View Post

go see bud. he will be able to get your fit issues resolved.



That's the plan! I have to pick them up in Mammoth which won't happen until July, so I probably won't see him until late this year.

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