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New Members Guide to Epicski

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Ok, this is Epicski's version of The Welcome Wagon!
So let me offer you a sincere welcome. You have found the absolute best ski forum on the internet. In many ways, you have found one of the best forum's on the internet. I have met some of the members in person, and they are awesome people! If you like what you read from our brilliant pros, I strongly suggest you consider attending the Epicski Academy in Solitude this year!

Usually, ski instruction is a hit or miss situation. Its not often that you get some much talent at one event. And right now, there about 13 participants, 15 instructors!!! So we need more of you to attend. Letting this talent go to waste would be a shame. If you cannot attend the Academy, consider joining us for the gathering:

In order to get the best replies for your topic, make sure its in the correct forum. For example, a topic about gear probably get more replies in the gear forum than in general skiing.

The Search function is now working in all forums. When posting a new topic, you may want to check to see if its been discussed ad naseum. That does not mean that you should'nt post on the topic, or add to an existing thread. Just be aware that your question may have already been answered.

Since some people have not noticed this, at the bottom of each page, is a drop down menu, which allows you to jump from one forum to another. This will save you some time. You do not need to go back to the forum home each time.

The Health and Fitness Forum can help you set up a training program. We can also help prevent injuries, and advivise you on a post rehab program. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not ask us to diagnose or for info on how to treat a new injury. It is illegal, and the effect can be disasterous.

Epicski is a labor of love, developed by AC. Needless to say, its an expensive site to run. If you value the content, please use the Amazon links on this page for ordering books and videos.

Also, consider becoming a supporter. this will give you access to the Supporter's Lounge, where you can discuss some juicy non skiing topics You aslo will be able to read series of Premium articles, written by some elite pros in the industry.

Thank you for joining us! Enjoy!
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oh! I knew I would forget a few things! Posts with a yellow light bulb indicate a new post since the last time you have been on the forum. But there may be more than one new post or thread. Its usually a good idea to click on the specific forum. You may find a few good things1 [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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Well said LM [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yes, nice job, Lisamarie! I'd also like to welcome all the new members, as well as those just "lurking." There is a lot of activity at this site, and it's obviously a big group of passionate skiers, so it may seem a little daunting to join such a lively crowd. But please jump in anywhere, with a question, an observation, an answer, an idea, a story, a report, or just to say "Hi"! As Lisamarie says, you'll probably get more replies if you post in the most appropriate section, but don't be too concerned if you can't decide which is the very best place--just post!

I'll second Lisamarie's invitation to join us in Utah for the inaugural EpicSki Academy in January, too. This really will be a premiere event, with many of the industry's absolute top teaching pros at your disposal. We welcome new members, and skiers of all ability levels (including those who have never yet tried the sport, and are looking for the very best way to get started).

Click here for more information about the EpicSki Academy 2003.

I hope to see you there, or at least to "meet" you all here in the forums.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Welcome to all the new folks. This place keeps growing, and I'd like to encourage lurkers and the "silent majority" to post, ask questions, make comments.

A lot of you make turns at "the little areas that rock", like in the midwest and southeast. Tell us stories about your local hill... The best way to join-in with this bunch of "bears" is to start "barking" back at us in the forums and chatroom. Don't be shy! :
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Also, in planning a ski trip that involves lessons, be sure to check out our instructor listing!

Many of these cool folks we be teaching at the Academy! In case that does not tempt you to attend, you will also be recieving a huge ski fitness handout, either by email or paper, with over 40 exercises, complete with pictures!
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some of the unspoken facts about these Fora...

* some people like to post with tongue firmly wedged against the cheek. don't assume that they dislike you, disrespect you, or even (heaven forbid!) do not even have any feeling one way or another about you or your post.

* flirting, "water cooler chat," etc. are welcome. just don't bring them into this set of Fora. keep them at Paula's Ski Lovers.

* if you think "extreme" sports are the only sports worth watching or doing, you will be happer in the Pouters forum (http://www.powdermag.com).

* many of the USA's top ski instructors/coaches hang out in here, with a few of them being regular posters. respect their wisdom.

* there's no mistaking the passion for skiing evident in these Fora. it's not revealed in high school-aged juvenile fashion, so if you read Freeze or Freeskier magazine, you might think everyone in here is a "poseur" or an old grand-dad. you would be wrong to think so.

* while most of us in here are not anti-snowboard, the simple fact is that this is a forum dedicated to skiing. please don't come in here and post trolls, flamebait, or other stuff asking why skiers hate snowboarders. we don't. of course, we will rise to the bait and voice lots of complaints about snowboarders, but the fact is that obnoxious snow riders are everywhere. it's just that more of them exist on one tongue depressor rather than two planks! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

* AC (the founder of this forum) and dchan (moderator) do WAY too much work for something that brings them only pleasure, and not income. if you can spare the $$, become an Epic Ski Supporter. yes, I know, it's hypocritical for me to say that. I have been in a financial pinch for about 2 months. AC will receive my donation in November.

* Lisamarie has done a great job of collecting fitness-related information. she also can give lots of ideas on anything related to fitness/training but not already listed. use that resource!

* never take my posts seriously. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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means sarcasm ...... but its kind of flexible
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