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Pairs Ballet

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Many have requested to post these few pictures of pairs ballet.  The shots are from the lower part of Exhibition at Aspen Highlands from the 75-76- season.  The main person in the photo is the legendary Mindy Willingham, who I have just learned passed 10 years ago.  What sad news that was indeed.  She was my Mindy mogul ski gal and we lived each and ever day just to do bumps, ballet and have a great time together.  She was as special as you can get;)  Hope you enjoy the photos:


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Thanks for posting a special thread for this.  RIP Mindy.  Sucks getting older as more and more of our friends and family leave us behind.

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Oh, I forgot to mention the other person in the photo is me!  What a sweet, sweet girl she was.  Pretty, generous, loving, fun and a flat out mogul masher that could do Flora Dora with any of the boys and then some.  I shall always treasure those days forever.

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Found this on youtube today - the skill and artistry of the skiing is just superb!



Suzy Chapstick - Wow! What could be said to do her justice?

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Nice video.  Those were pretty much the same maneuvers that Mindy and I used.  We had a great, tight 360 that was fabulous.  That said, I never carried Mindy around on top of me like you saw in Suzy's video.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a "production" company to get it down on video.  You should have seen the size of those cameras then.


I skied with her once when she stopped in at Snowmass "on her way to Vail to ski with President Ford".  Then again, that was Suzy for ya.  You should have her that gal talk.....................whew!  Then again, that's Aspen for ya.


Its a shame ballet just faded away for all the reasons we have come to know.  I'm so greateful to be able to still do many of the tricks I learned both in Michigan and during my time in Aspen.  Let me tell you, learning and doing them on 160s was a lot easier than my k2 205 Comps!  I replaced my broken Hart 150s with a pair of k2 244 153cm retro skis two seasons ago and they work pretty good for ballet.  but I'm still trying to hunt down a pair of 140s.  I always keep looking and maybe I'll get lucky this year.


Thanks again for sharing the video.  Keep'em coming!


Snow Dancer

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I can't do any ballet, but over the past couple of seasons I have worked on what could be considered a few "building blocks" of ballet skiing. Simple things like skiing switch, skiing one-footed, 360 spins. I'm not an expert at any of those yet either, but I know over time I've gone from not being able to do them at all to being able to do them with some level of proficiency and comfort. Just being able to do that stuff a little bit gives me a greater appreciation for what real ballet skiers are doing! Amazing stuff!


I too think it's a shame that ballet is no longer embraced and taught, because the skill and balance required to execute ballet moves would surely help people become better skiers! And as Plake has said many times, there's a lot of fun to be had even when the hill is small and the conditions marginal.


Really, what's not to love? Bring it back!  ;-)

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You got it pal.  Give me any hill with snow, some ballet skis and we're good to go!

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I can teach you almost any of the tricks, except pole flips that are on "Bring Back Ballet " which one video is funnier than anything I have seen recently.  This guy has his freestyle poles and does this hilarious attempt at a pole flip.


Wait, I'll try to find it.


OK  Here it is:


Come on!  I got out my green freestyle poles and did pretty much the same thing.  Which is why I just keep it on the ground now.


Snow Dancer

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What skis are you using? I've got a couple of pairs of old ballet skis, but I need to replace the bindings.

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My favorite Hart ballets brok 2 years ago.  I searched high and low and am still searching without any luck.  A friend of mine did have a GREAT suggestion.  k2 just brought back the "retro" k244 skis.  The tip/waist tail dimensions are original and work perfect for ballet.  I'm very glad I was able to find them, even if they are 153cm.

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I have some Hart Ballet skis If anyone is interested message me. 160cm. 


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Beautiful skis.  Those were exactly the same ones we used in the pairs ballet picture.  If you happen to have any 150s or 140s ballet skis, please let me know!

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If I come across any that size I'll definitely let you know. Thanks. 

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