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 It's funny but one day at Alta, I spent most of the morning in the mid-mountain lodge because my skiing sucked, and, then had my best afternoon of the trip.

I had a day like that at Vail once.  The morning was so bad I was so depressed that at lunch I was no fun to be with, my wife was very unhappy with my brooding silence.

The afternoon was one of the best ski days of my life.
I think I make the third or fourth post like this. It'll be snowing hard and it's perfect or cruddy and perfect or icy and less than perfect and can't buy a turn for love nor money, and I get more and more pissed off and frustrated until I stop for a while to sit somewhere with a view of the snow and sulk with a cup of coffee and some chips, now being pissed that I'm not out skiing, until the mood lifts and my sense of humor pokes it's nose out again. Then I go out and ski my little patootie off. wink.gif

The biggest problem I've always had with physical performance is lack of sleep. Even when I've been awesomely fit, a bad night's sleep turns me into an uncoordinated twitchy mess, and makes me moody to boot. Sometimes I don't eat enough in the morning (have always hated breakfast), sometimes I'm preoccupied, but it usually comes down to whether I've had at least several hours of solid restorative sleep.
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I could absolutely pin my mis-adventures at Targhee on little sleep (Up at 4AM day prior, 11.5hr white knuckle drive to Jackson from Summit County via Denver then 6.5hrs sleep then bus ride to Targhee).


All of my other memorable crappy days had no such excuses and one was even at Snowshoe WV:eek


As Living Proof mentioned, I still go at it but it just isn't there sometimes.  Cool anecdotes everyone and keep them coming.

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Push the Bush.
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Do it!
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As someone else already stated, .we all have those days.  I had one this season that was pretty awful.  We had day after day of awesome snow at RLM this season and on one day I hit a couple of double black runs off the Cole Creek lift.  These are fairly steep runs and the first day was great, about a foot of fresh snow.  I came back two days later to nearly identical conditions, true really, and something in my brain went wrong and I got terrified of the pitch, was wobbly in the turns and mostly felt and probably looked like I didn't belong there.  The next week I was back to normal on those runs.:dunno 

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