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Can you identify this racer?

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We're cleaning out our condo to get it ready to put on the market.  My wife dug out some pictures she took a long time ago.  She said was in Purgatory and was likely taken the winter of '80-81.  I' curious if anyone has an idea who the skier is?


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I am probably wrong--it's a pretty small picture--but my first instinct was that it is Jarle Halsnes, who with his younger brother Edvin dominated the pro racing scene for a while in the 1980's. Could be Jarle, but I am not the least confident in that.


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Might dig around here..


World Pro Skiing Foundation -

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could be greg snider



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Could very well be.  Similar expression and hairline.


Phil Mahre said he doesn't know but thinks it could be Richie Woodworth.

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i don't think richie ever raced for K2 on the pro tour?



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Jim of StarHaus wins.  Five months later I got this message from Greg Snider:


 Hey Pat.... i am not sure how i stumbled upon this message but Yes, that would be me soaring off the the middle bump on my way to victory that year. wow, thanks for the photo and it is a keeper. Brings back a lot of memories.

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