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Pronation Correction?

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Male, 61, 6'-0" 160lbs, intermediate today, Tomorrow the World!



After 15 years or so of just cruising on rental skis and boots I've become obsessed with skiing better and doing it with style. I purchased a decent set of boots before last season and got them worked on a bit to relieve some pressure on my inside ankle bone. My boot guy told me I had  a bit of pronation so he added a wedged pad under the inside edge of the foot bed and heated up the shell to pooch it out a bit for relief. It worked pretty well as far as skiing all day with no pain but I still think I have a problem.


When I'm skiing on a flat part of the hill with no need to set an edge either way, my skis will always toe in in a slight wedge. I always seem to be the slowest skier because I can't completely un-edge the skis. It gets worse at the end of the day when I'm tired and I'm sure it's affecting more critical functions of my skiing.


I also started inline skating to keep in shape and learn independent foot movement. Same problem, it's really noticeable that my wheels are at a permanent angle. I fight to keep them vertical but it feels as if my ankle will roll to the outside when they are actually straight up. I've got a yellow footbed which made it a little better but didn't solve it entirely.


So the question is can the skiing part of this problem be cured? Will it require an on the snow analysis or is the problem common enough to be fixed in the shop. Believe it or not there is a pretty good guy here in FL who seems to know his stuff if it's just a shop fix. My first opportunity for snow next season will be Whitefish MT so any recommendations for that area would be appreciated too.


Thanks in advance,



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Nobody in Whitefish that I know of but I suspect you are flying into Calgary and I can help here.  There are most likely two parts of the problem and the first is a proper footbed to correct your pronation.  Then cuff alignment and finally and this is at this point a definite canting.  It is impossible to do a complete diagnosis in the forum although if you had a video it could help us here.



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OK, so sibhusky set me up with the name of the go-to boot guy in Whitefish (thanks). I should be able to sort it out.

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and just make sure your boots are not too big to start with...

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My Momma always said I was too big for my britches... not sure about the boots though.  I do have to really ratchet them tight to feel fully comfortable. Now that I have 10-15 days in them the foot beds have settled in a bit and there is just a hint of slipping in my heal area if they aren't super tight.


But yes, that sounds like the first thing to check out.



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Read through the above article---pay close attention to how to "Shell check" a boot to see if it is the right size for 

you to be skiing in.  forget your shoe size and what size the charts say you should be in.


The info in that article is tried and true---no way around it----if the boot is too big you will never have the control needed to ski efficiently.


You may need custom foot beds to correct your ankle position in the boots, plus you may need "canting" adjustments to align your feet laterally (this has to do with curvature in the tibia--shinbone)


you sound like you are on the slim side as far as build (6 foot and 160 lbs)----if you have slim calves and are in a more upright boot your center of mass position could be off, this will allow you to stand too upright over the boot---skiing in this "too upright position" will cause G forces to sink your hips behind your heels and get you in the back seat.


which model boot are you in?

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Oh no!  The dreaded "Back Seat"...


I probably do ski in the back seat, my quads give out way too soon I know that. That's another thing I need to work on next year. I'm not sure if the boots are the problem - I have generally poor posture that affects all sorts of things.


I will definitely do the Shell Check and report back. The boots by the way are Nordica HotRod  95's. Thanks so much for your help miketsc.

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Shit! (pardon my French).


I have exactly 1" behind my heel. I happened to have a 1" oak dowel that will just fit in there with the butt end resting on the foot bed.  If it was any bigger it wouldn't fit but the article says no more than 1 inch!


I've got maybe 17 full days of use on these things.  The first day I thought they were tight but by the end of my last trip I was noticing a bit of heel slipping on my left foot. I could get rid of it by really cinching down on the clips but that is not optimal.

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your boots are too big for you.   1" is 25mm and I would suggest 15mm max for people looking to improve.


So your foot moves around too much, (heel lift) and bangs against the side of the boot (pronation, etc)



I would suggest not spending more time/money on this, and start with something smaller. and a better store/staff.



sorry for the bad news

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I hate the thought of working through all the new boot issues but at least I'll be building on a better "platform".


Thanks folks.

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A 95 flex boot is very soft for someone your height and even weight, probably is not the cause of your sitting back though although it does not contribute well to ski control.  Your boot does sound to big but remember when you select your new boots fit is not just about size, but especially about volume.  After the choice and fit is established then alignment and stance adjustments may help with your position.



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OK, the saga continues...


I had decided to take the advice given and start over in Whitefish next season so I called the name sibhusky had given me and had a chat. The guy says, "fine no problem but I may not have a full range of stock for you to choose from in late Feb." Those words did not fill me with confidence. The last thing I want to do is arrive in Whitefish and have to wait for some guy to locate boots for me to try on. I'm just not that patient, I'll be frothing to get on the snow and I know I'll blow a gasket if I don't get instant gratification. So plan B means acquiring new boots and using the Whitefish guy to fine tune them if needed.


I took the original boots back to my local Florida store and explained the size issue. They said our customers are typically not hard chargers and are more interested in comfort but no problem, you can either exchange them or if you really want to you can get a 100% store credit. Do you have the original receipt?


I looked everywhere and couldn't come up with it. I must have paid cash because my Visa records go back for 18 months online and it just wasn't there. Well that's going to complicate things, I'll just have to negotiate a number that works for everyone I guess, after I find what I want.


So after waiting a month or so for them to get their 2015 stock in I just came back from the store. We had a long discussion about boots, skiing and what was best for me, starting with a 26.5 shell size. I had read the Epic gear review on the Tecnica Mach 1 series and wanted to try on a Mach 1 -110. On paper It matches up with my foot shape. They didn't have that particular model so we started with the 2015 Cochise 100 which fit pretty well (in a 26.5 shell). Still, I really wanted to see if the new Mach 1 CAS liners are the real deal. They can order them for me but since it's not an inventory item for them I would be committed to keeping them - without trying them on! No bueno.


But there's always a work around, Peter Glenn has them in stock over in Tampa. I've bought a bunch of stuff from both stores so I don't feel too bad about trying on the Mach 1's at Peter Glenn's and buying them at my original store if they are the ones I want. In fact my wife is looking for inline skates and I need a new shell / liner so there's no way I'm getting out of Peter Glenn's without dropping some coins.


After having to admit that I had lost the receipt it turns out their policy is to use the dollar amount for the last pair they sold which was $399. I don't even remember paying that much so I think that is more than fair. The Mach 1-110's are $499.00 so for an additional $100.00 I'll get into a better fitting boot. If the Cochise or the Mach 1 don't work for me I'll take the $399 store credit and start somewhere else.


Feel free to point out the obvious: I'm still not buying boots from and getting fitted by one competent guy close to the snow. Floridians must make compromises I guess.

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The invisible;  most of the people you are talking with here own their own businesses and volunteer their time here.  The obvious;  you don't mind using one stores time and spending money somewhere else and you don't mind they give you more money back than you paid and you think that is fair.

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Hold your horses Lou, I think you are being a bit unfair here.


Let's start with the fact that I was sold a pair of boots with 25mm heel clearance doing a shell fit. If one of your employees did that would you feel offended if the customer came back later and asked you to resolve the issue? Or would you prefer to have a pissed off customer who never gave you the chance to fix the situation?


Now lets recognize that I made absolutely no "demands" in that store over and above their day to day policy. They are good people, it's a local store that has survived the big box invasion and I may have spent $6,000 to $7000 there over the years. I expected to be treated with respect and I was - that's why I shop there and will continue to do so. Most of the boot fitters here have advised me to walk out and not look back. I didn't think that was entirely fair to the situation and wanted to give them the opportunity to resolve the issue and keep me as a long term customer. Which they did.


In addition I probably did spend the $399 originally on the boots, my wife seems to think so anyways.  Honestly I don't remember the exact amount and was prepared to accept whatever they offered. I don't think that you need to refuse an offer like that to remain a "fair consumer" or to sleep well at night but apparently I've offended you. Sorry.


As for trying on the Mach 1 at Peter Glenn's, that was on the advice of store number one, so I don't feel too bad about it.  I suppose I could take the $399 store credit and buy some gear with it and buy the Mach 1's at Peter Glenn but I didn't think that would be the best outcome for store number one. The folks at Peter Glenn will not be disappointed when I leave, trust me.


I've owned my own business and made a living dealing with retail sales, B to B sales and everything in between.  I've refunded thousands of dollars to totally unreasonable assholes who had no business asking me for a dime. I also give money back to cashiers who don't make change correctly. I think I know what it takes to be both a responsible consumer and an ethical businessman.


I may need advice in regards to ski boots but I don't need a lecture on ethics.

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I don't disagree with you about unreasonable customers.  I have one now who wants a full refund for a boot I sold him last year in a size 26 when his foot measures a 28.  He insisted on a tight fit.  Now he says it is too tight and wants to return them using our fit guarantee.  I offered him half his money against a new boot, and he tried to get another $100 out of me.  I thought I was being generous to begin with.


I stand by what I said.  Perhaps I could have said it more politely and for that I apologize.  But I personally think you are taking advantage of the situation and if you owned the store you were trying the boot on in to purchase somewhere else I hope you'd agree.



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Over on this side, no one is unhappy or disappointed so I'll leave it for others to form their opinions as who's philosophy is working better. This really isn't the place for a discussion of this sort - my apologies to the readers. Thanks.

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