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Chat Room Modification

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I just added a name modification box when you enter the chat room, so those with #, @ or / symbols in their names can take them out in that box before entering. (Go to the chat room and you'll see the new name box).

This new box also makes it clear that names are not security protected so be careful, anyone can change their name to anything.

Regarding the little download when enetering the room, it is a java applet and you need to do every time you enter. It is not a full software program you are downloading, but a tiny applet that takes no more than a second even on a slow dialup connection like mine. It is not installed on your computer, so you just click "yes" each time.
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Thank you AC! Now I can use just one username.
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So I check out the bottom of my screen and it says there are 4 count 'em 4 people in the chat room. I go infor a peak. Empty room! So, I go OUT of the chat room - the sign STILL says there are 4 count 'em 4 people in the room. ????????????
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Like I have said many times in other threads, there is a LAG in registering new arrivals & departures. Web pages are static entities, the only way for a counter like that to work is for it to wait for user sessions to time out (have innactivity for a specified amount of time). So there will be a period after someone has left, before that session has timed out, when the user(s) will appear to still be in the room. Welcome the world wide web.

I'm sorry that I can't make it perfect, just trying to make things as good as I can (and technology will allow).
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OK! I get it now! I thought that everything you did was perfect, AC, so I had no idea that there was any imperfection at all!
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