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New: "Live Chat" & "Instant Messages" at EpicSki

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In the never ending quest to give us the best, must complete ski community experience, I present...

EpicSki Live Chat with "Invite to Chat" Instant Messaging!

I have never found chat rooms to work very well since you always walk in to find them empty, sit there for a minute and leave, while someone presumably enters 30 seconds later. This chat room, however, I see as far more useful becasue its high degree of integration with the forums facilitates coordination with other members.

  • Formatted as other EpicSki forums, at the bottom of the forum listing, the "Live Chat Room" doorway tells you how many (if any) people are currently in the chat room. If you want to chat with someone, others scanning the forum home page will see you in there hanging out.</font>
  • Once in the chat room, you can open a list of all other members currently in the forum and send those you would like to chat with an invitiation. The invitation is an "instant message" that pops up wherever they are in the forum.</font>
  • Within the chat room you may start a separate, private conversation with anyone else in the chat room (double click on that member's name in the right side column).</font>
  • When you enter the chat room, your EpicSki username is automatically entered and assigned to you in the chat room.</font>
  • We will be chatting on a private EpicSki channel.</font>
  • Sounds, smilies, bold, and colored text will liven things up.</font>
Click on the "?" button inside the chat room for instructions . Soon we'll schedule a kick off party in the chat room to see how many people it can handle. [img]smile.gif[/img]
So there you have it, the biggest feature add on yet! I hope this helps to foster a stronger and more rewarding community.

Now, if I remember hearing correctly, you former CompuServe ski forum guys used to make good use of live chat as a complement to the old CompuServe forum. How about some suggestions on how we can use this new feature effectively.

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Don't know if it's me but I can send out invitations and stuff but can't actually chat. I get the box in grey but can't type or talk to anyone even though Disski sent me an invite which I ok'd.
Please help me - or more likely abuse me for being dumb!!
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Not sure how this works either got the invite but how do I get in
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Try just clicking the chat link at the bottom of the main forums page???
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Yep that works - I can get in lots of times by just clicking that link in a new window...

Where it says 'here' at the bottom
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Thanks for all the invites! I'm currently getting a message to say I'm connecting, then it seems to fail, but that may be to do witht he firewall/proxy server here.

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i tried to get in there, and when i did, it said my nic name wa errouis (sp)
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Oboe did it
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Sorry guys - it is weird - Oboe got in & we chatted fine....
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The system, Iraq, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, USA, let's face it, most of the world doesn't like us.
But you're right about needing a bath, in fact, I need a new bathroom - don't like the colours of the one in the house I bought.

OK, have just checked with my other computer here, and it is a proxy server setting that is preventing me from getting chatting, so I guess if you want to chat to me, you'll just have to wait until the weekend, when I'm back at home, with my own, personalised, proxy server.

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Originally posted by TR@DV:
i tried to get in there, and when i did, it
said my nic name wa errouis (sp)
Aaaah - it doesn't like the @ bit...

When I'm there I'm disski@epicski....

you would be Tr@dv@epicski - too many @'s I guess
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Dis, I accepted your invitation to the chat but nothing happened.
When I try to enter the chat room by myself,
I have the same amount of problems like the others.
-it says that mine it's an erroneous nickname
-than that it can't find an open proxy (I'm at work, currently)
-and so on.
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Ummm & it keeps saying no-one isthere (in the chat room) & I AM in there
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Thanks for the invite Disski, but I'm in the same boat as the others - can't access this feature while at work, sorry!
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I have the same problem as WTFH I think - it says Connecting.... cannot connect to server Connecting... cannot connect to server until I give up. I assume this is also a work proxy/firewall problem however I never log on from home so I may not get round to checking it out*

Disski I was wondering why you were all alone in there. At least it's not because we don't want to talk to you!

*actually one reason I never log on from home is that I have no idea what either my userid or password is any more. Also being on a pc all day makes me reluctant to do the same in the evening.
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disski, I got your invitation several times, so I go to the chat room and find a page with smilies, sounds and "invitations" so I go to invitations and select you and up comes an empty page "
without" a message window, nowhere to type, what am I doing wrong?

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I don't know Ott

Nolo got in - so did Tim-mit & Oboe

seems some people like you get in - but see an empty room

I guess there is no-one else in the right hand column except you???
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Looking better
Nolo, TomBurch, & John Dowling have got in!
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Well, I also failed to connect. Maybe it's a firewall issue (me being at work) so I will try later when I get home. Nice feature AC
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Lots more of us got in just now
Ott tried with & without firewall & did Ok

Goodnight all -past my bedtime
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There seems to be an issue with some, but not all, office firewalls -- that needs to be taken up with your MIS department!

disski, Ott and others: are you behind a firewall? If not what browser and version are you using.

I'm doing research on this as we speak. It works fine for me on different PCs and different browsers. I just chatteed with skier_j and ryan, they were at the office (presumably behind a firewall).

[ September 03, 2002, 08:45 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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You need a Java enabled browser like Netscape4.5x or Internet Explorer 4.0 or above(You will need IE4.5 on Mac platform).

As for it saying nobody is in there when someone is, it seems after you've been in there for a few minutes it switches to "nobody in there" until the auto refresh kicks in then you are identified as in there again -- so it's off-and-on in terms of accounting for you in there. I'm looking into solutions on this.

If you have an "@" in your username it seems to not like you. This is probably a feature of IRC, a worldwide chatting system. Nothing I can do about that, you can change your "public username" though. (M@tteo, we can get you to your original "a" instead of "@" if you want).

Anyone reporting trouble with chat, note your browser type, browser version, mac or PC, and if you behind an office firewall.

Also, when you enter the chatroom, an "_epicski" is added to your name since we are on a worldwide system (though in a private room) and you can't have the same username as ANYONE anywhere else on the entire system.

We'll get to the bottom of this, but there may be some limitations.

[ September 03, 2002, 09:26 AM: Message edited by: AC ]
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AC, Internet Explorer gets me in the chatroom OK, but Netscape 6.2 does not..I tried it both with and without my Norton firewall enabled. Java and Java script is enabled in Netscape 6.2, so it must something else.

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It's saying that my nickname cannot be used in the chat room....... and it needs an email adress.
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AC, just logged in with my old Netscape 4.7 and it worked fine from behind the firewall. I logged off in N6.7 and logged back on, still no dice.

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Internet Explorer, no firewall [yet], no trouble using the chat room, except for one thing: The image sometimes is - I don't know how to describe it - "distorted". For example, the first name in the list of those present in the room sometimes is "wrinkled" and partially hidden under the frame above it. However, after hitting "refresh" a few times, it came up ok, and using it has been no problem. I'm sure that some who have not ever used a chat room or instant messaging may at first be confused about how to use it, but that won't last long! Nice feature, AC.
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I found that it will not let me use the NICKNAME SnO Eagle #, so I had to use the original Name SnO BJ to go into the Chat room.. is anyone else having this problem??????
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I got in but nobody was there. Maybe there should be a place to post the times when you'll be available for "chatting"
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Ott, there must be a component missing form your Netscape 6 -- if 4 can do it, then there is no problem on the server side. Anyway, sounds like you can get in on IE.

Sno BJ, we knew that @ was not accepted, looks like # is not either. Can you live with the new name? We could allow people to change their name (remove the #) before going in, but there is a security risk with that.

We will set times for various theme events and even social parties in the chat room. Anyone can start that, but I plan to schedule a kick-off party soon (maybe for Wednesday night?). If you enter and sit in there while you do some other work, someone will see you in there evenly and join you -- a sound goes of to notify you someone has joined you. Or, if you see a friend online, you can incite them to join you with the instant messenger (but don't annoy random people with it). Other than that, we ned to schedule events!

The software on the server side works. Most people have had no trouble. The types of trouble that have arisen fall into three categories:

1. Weird symbols in your name (like "@" and "#")

2. Firewalls (but many people can enter chat even from behind a firewall, some cannot

3. Browser with missing components (either too old or not loaded with all components)

I cannot diagnose #2 or #3. If you have #3, you might try switching browsers. Sorry.

A fourth potential problem is that certain servers on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network are set to reject users from certain ISPs (the way you dial up to the internet) because of past abuse. I am not aware of us encountering this problem yet, but if we do we can switch IRC servers.
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Okay, how about the formal kick-off party in the chat room tomorrow (Wednesday) night?

How about:

Chat Room Kick-Off Party
6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

(sorry Europeans and Australians! You can schedule your own kickoff party if those times are in the middle of the night for you)

Lets settle on a time/date toninght and I'll promote it on the home page tomorrow. Let me know if you do or do not like my time/date suggestion above.

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