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Saas Fee

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Apparently Saas Fee is putting in a lift up to roughly 3880 meters that will provide access over to Zermatt.  From what I've read the terrain in Saas Fee is not at all steep.  Does anyone have any sense of whether the new lift will access more challenging terrain?

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Do you have a link or source? I will try to find out.
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Well, the new lift would give you access to the valley that runs from the Rimpfischhorn down to Täsch (the entry is quite steep, though). This is the valley next to the most Northerly lifts in the Zermatt area. See the map below:



Other info on the map:


Base picture: Google Maps, Terrain setting

Overlays: lifts and pistes

Inclination: [no color] = < 30 degrees; yellow = 30-35 degrees; orange = 35-40 degrees; red = 40-45 degrees.

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Thank you.

Have you skied Saas Fee?  If so, what would the terrain be like coming back down to Saas Fee from the top of the new lift.

It looks like they'd have to put in a couple lifts to make Zermatt lift accessible from Saas Fee.  The terrain coming down from the ridge between Rothorn and Rimpfisschorn, down to Tasch would be nice; looks like the orientation would be similar to the terrain accessed from the Gant tram in Zermatt - for my money the best lift around.

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Haven't skied Saas-Fee. So I don't know. Sorry.


Perhaps you could check out Youtube for 'ski Saas-Fee' videos. There's probably some good impressions of the lower slopes skiing into the town. Always gives me quite a good sense of wat to expect terrain-wise.

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I've been up in the area where they are putting the new lift on my way to the summit of the Allalinhorn.  Nice open glacier terrain on the way back down towards Saas Fee but nothing very steep.  Off the summit of the Alllalinhorn, above the top of the new lift,  is steeper and due north facing.  The west side looks like a cliff on the map, so getting down to Tasch could be a problem.  Access to Zermatt is best through the Adlerpass which is a ways south of the new lift terminus, so I don't see the prospect of a link up and little motivation by the Zermatt folks to expand lifts in that direction..

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