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Welcome Peter Keelty

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couldn't help but notice.
welcome to epicski.
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Great minds think alike, or are we really the same person, Ryan? I was going to do the same thing!

We hope to see you in Utah, Peter! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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The ski reviews in the EpicSki Gear Info section lead to Peter Keelty's excellent reviews. If interested, the link to the Gear Info section is on the top of the page under the Barking Bear logo.

Welcome Peter!
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Yes welcome Peter, I have always found his reviews and comments on skis to be vary helpful. I like the new reviewing sytem of grading skis from 1 to 5 on diffrent aspects of the skis proformance. Peter Keelty is a vary welcome addition to this fantastic forum
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Yo! Peter! Greetings from the homeland! Welcome to EpicSki! I look forward to seeing you in Utah. You don't call me oboe, so I'll sign off as Ben.

EDIT: Peter has a great method for evaluating skis, better by far than the ski mags. I'll bet he shares my admiration for the Rossignol Bandit XX [this is cheating, actually, I already know what he thinks of it!]

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I sent my $20 contribution to Peter a month ago to help keep his fantastic website going.

I figured it's the least I could do since I've been using it as my primary resource for reviews for the past year or two.

It's all we've got (besides EpicSki) since the unfortunate demise of Inside Tracks. I hope you all decide to do the same. Check out the website for info: http://www.techsupportforskiers.com

Welcome Peter!
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Peter Keelty among us? What is his handle?

Welcome Peter! Your review of skis over the years have fueled our fantasies and have been an excellent substitute for a demo. Many thanks!
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Peter Kelty is his handle!
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Hi, everybody.

My gosh, how flattering. AC let me know this thread was up; I apologize for not turning up sooner. We've been trying to get all the websites ready for Labor Day launch (we mostly made it) and I am scrambling to re-organize TechSupportFor Skiers.

I just wanted to say hi to all; I'll be back as soon as I launch the new site.


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I'd also like to welcome Peter and to say thanks to him for his website. I'll be sending my donations to both Peter and AC to support TechSupportforSkiers.com and EpicSKi.com With these two ski websites, who needs more? (Of course I'll need more time to check out the info). The volume of posts lately on EpicSki has been impressive for offseason. It makes me wonder if there will be enough time this season to check out the webistes and ski while trying to work to support the ski habit.
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Peter WHO?

heh heh heh

I have to thank Peter Keelty for taking time to chat with me about skis back in Fall 2000, when I was about to re-enter skiing after a 10-year hiatus. With his help, I demo'd a good assortment of skis and ended up on the X-Scream Series, which taught me an awful lot about carving and pressuring along the ski's length.

welcome, Peter, and a very belated re-Thank You
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Good evening, all.

Just a quick heads up...

If by chance you visit TechSupportForSkiers, it may be a bit of a shock. Fear not; Members can scoot right in. Anyone not a member can sign up and we'll get a password and username out lickety-split.

Just didn't want to alarm you guys.

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Welcome and thanks Peter.
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