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What are your best ski equipment deals ever?

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With prime months (March and April) for ski equipment deals behind us now, I thought I would ask these two questions to the forum.

1)     What is the best deal you received on new ski gear the past couple years?

2)     Ever?

In January 2014, I picked up these Nordica Doberman WC 100 boots (New, 2009) for $19.99 (image below).  Bought several for my kids and these boots will help outfit them for several years.  A few years back I bought for myself four Lange WC 150 (New, ~2009) plug boots for $99 (image also below).  Great deal.  Great boot.


Have also got some great deals at Start Haus this year.  http://starthaus.com/


Wondered what other great deals have been secured on ski equipment.

Thanks for input.

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Bought some brand-new Rossi S3s last month for $399, including new, unmounted Rossi bindings.  My wife bought next year's new-model Head Super Joy skis at the PSIA National Academy at Snowbird (they were there to demo) for $350, including the bindings. (Great skis by the way.  They'll be hot next season.)

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I got about 70% off MSRP when I bought my Fischer WC SCs; it was one model year old, but the model didn't change that year.  This was probably the best deal.


I got 90% off my Volant's, but they were half a dozen years old (still in plastic though).  I found them in the remainder bin in a sports chain store.  Not much call for "serious deep snow skis" in the longest length in Hamilton I guess.


Probably about  90% off the P50s, but they were about 8 years out of date.

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I got some gear on pro form in the early 80s working as an instructor.  That was the best for new, current year gear I ever experienced.  As for used gear or old stock, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  20% off a holy grail desire to one might be as satisfying as 80% off to another.:dunno


And then there is absolutely FREE!:D

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My daughter and I used to get absolutely free for years back East (end of season leftovers from a store owner we skied with). It was a rude awakening when we moved and I got a load of the prices.
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Greatest bargain ever was a Leedom helmet that fits my head perfectly, for $20.  I spotted it in a bragain bin at a ski shop in Tremblant, in June 2009.  I have an unusually large head.  The helmet was heavily discounted (90% off) because it is a XXXL.  So is my head!  The balaclava ended up costing me more than the helmet.

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The best deals I gotten was winning Opedix compression tights. I also won a pair of Zeal goggle this year ($250.00 MSRP).

The best deal I got that involved a purchase was finding a pair of Élan GSX 176cm 21M ski In the back of a shop. They were 7 years old but never tuned. Still had stickers on the bottom stating they needed a tune. $99. for full fledged race stock skis. Still have them, still love them.
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Given that I'm not an instructor, have to scour the web and end-of-season shop sales. And as crgildart says, it's all in the eye of the beholder. 


1) Scored a new, never mounted, properly stored and waxed pair of 2005 Gotamas this year for <300. 

2) Some new, never mounted Kastle RX's for < 400. 

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Scored at the starthaus blowout 60 % off sale this year! couldn't believe the deals
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Brand new Rossi Radical Pro boots for $100 at the North Tahoe ski swap some years back. The only pair they had. I went looking for boots for my kid but those fit me so well I bought them for myself and gave him the old ones. Bad dad. Still love them--on replacement liners now.

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Free stuff. Boots, skis, bindings, poles....

Best $60 ever? Arcteryx Atom LT hoody.

$40 rep sample shell pants.
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End of last season was new Cochise for $299.


This year's $349 for new Patron Blems (thanks Phil) wasn't so bad either.

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Descente one-piece suit: wasn't especially cheap but I wore it from 1986 to 2004 (still in the alternate bag in back of the closet).

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Paid $650 years ago for Technica TNT 10 ski boots. They were the ones with the custom two part foam injection liner. I got about 1000 days on them before the shells cracked and another couple hundred days before the cracks got too big. Liners are still good, but way too bulky to fit into my Technica Cochise Pro 130 boots

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Paid somewhere between $500 and $750 (too long ago to remember exactly) for my custom fit Koflachs back in the '80s.  Best value of all my skiing purchases, even if I had to finish the fitting process myself

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I got 3 sth2 from starthaus last month for $90 sth2 13 and $120 sth2 16 and this was an awesome price!

last year during black friday there was a line influence 115 for $200 at getboards if I'm not mistaken, another awesome deal!
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I had been shopping all season for used K2 Shuksans. Got them new from EVO at $99 shipped.

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A pair of new Nordica Patron Pros from ebay for $103 and a set of Sth2 for $90 at Starthaus.

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All the gear I bought for x and ended up selling for maybe $100 less a few years later. Latest bargain was the Vagabond blems from Start Haus.

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10/11 Dynastar Speed Course FIS $99 , Look PX15 $67, Lange WC130 $87 (add and extra $40 for shipping the last 2 items) and last but not least GEBEL WC SL poles with release Straps $65.00.  All bought  new in 2011/2012 from store, online store, ebay and  store respectively.


Total Cost $293.00, full retail price about $2,600.00+, can't complain about upgrading to new equipment.

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Goode Carbon poles in my size for $2.00 at a thrift store.  I'm actually starting to like them, though my 30 year old Kerma/Rossi branded are still my favorite poles.

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In March I got new 2011 Volkl Shiro's off skiessentials.com for like $250 shipped and a local ski shop got me 2015 Marker Jester Schizo's for $250.

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$150 for a NOS 2009/2010 set of Dukes last year from Wolf Creek's ski shop. Full retail is $450.


My wife picked up a pair of Salomon Idol 8's for $30 from Sports Authority. They were closeout stock at a grand opening sale that was 1/2 off close-out items (that they apparently shipped to the newly opening store, go figure), and they let us stack a $30 off coupon on top of that. I was jealous.

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2014-2015 Mammoth MVP Pass.

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Oops, ^^^^ that's not equipment.
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Oh, How about the 200wt fleece pants I got from www.campmor.com for $19.00 over 20 years ago. I still wear them. I ski alot 40+ day's high year 75 days. I wear those pants most of the time.
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Probably 60% of my outerwear, almost all jackets and pants, comes from local thrift stores.  We're 3 hours from ski country and have a lot of people that gear up with new stuff, ski a couple of times, then never make it back only to donate their stuff a couple years afterwards.  Also got my Thule box on Craigslist for fifty bucks, came with a bike stand inside ;)


I also hit the resort shops on the way out after the last ski day of each season.  Usually some pretty good deals to be had on the way out.

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This years Blizzard Bonefides brand new for $279 a month ago at the Start Haus. @Trekchick, who wasn't even working there

happened to be there and gave me the needed nudge!  Great skis.

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Just bought Ron Lemaster's Skiers Edge book on amazon lightly used for 56 cents

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I have been skiing for 40 years, and save for one exception (Marker Baron EPF bindings bought this past fall at full price), I have never paid full price for equipment.  I always buy closeouts, i.e. brand new, but one to two year old equipment.  Sometimes, the price differential between that and current model can be as much as 70% less.  

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